Uniquely Yours: Planning for Your Lifestyle

Making the intelligent choice of a semi-custom builder gives you the best of both worlds: the affordability of well-planned design, and the ability to make your home work around your lifestyle (instead of the other way around!). Designing your home around the way you live allows every member of your family to thrive in a happy and functional space. Your Design Consultant can help you to customize your home to your family's specific needs, including congregation areas, quiet spaces, and resilient materials for your four-legged family members.

Things to consider:

  • In the entryway: what type of first impression do you want to make? Are you seeking a formal look, a casual come-and-play look, or something in between? How best can this be accomplished while still accommodating your family's coats and boots, umbrellas and bags?
  • Will you entertain guests? How many and in which rooms?
  • Where does your family congregate the most, and need the most seating? Is it the kitchen and dining area? Or perhaps an activity or art room? Do you bond the best over movies and popcorn? Or board games in the loft?
  • What needs do you have for areas that lend to solitude? How many areas would suit your family the best?
  • Will you have collections, bric-a-brac, or displays?
  • Do you need pet-friendly spaces and flooring? Pets will eat, sleep and play on the floor; what type suits your needs for cleanliness, presentability and comfort? Will you require a doggie door? How about a pet grooming station?
  • Do you have large appliances to store?
  • What about outdoor spaces? Do you enjoy gardening or cooking outdoors, and will you have requirements for water? Would you like work spaces that allow for standing or sitting?

Feel free to bring your ideas in to our Design Center, where we aim to make your dreams a reality. Bring in your magazine clippings, and even any cherished belongings that will add to the atmosphere and mood of your new home.  We aim to make your homebuilding process enjoyable and uniquely yours!