Building with Oberer Homes

After considering your options and doing your research, you've decided to build a home. Congratulations! So now what?

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Flooring Options for Your New Custom Home

Making decisions about customizations is no easy feat. With all the selections available, it helps to know the best options available for your lifestyle. Take a look at the available features and how to finalize your selection.

How to Find Your Personal Home Style

Custom building your home creates the opportunity to allow your creativity and personality to shine through. How can you really determine your home style? There are a number of tools you can utilize to help express your home style to the Oberer Homes design team when custom building. Explore these tips on finding your preferred home style. 

Caring for Your Lawn in the Fall

We don’t call it “fall” for nothing. In Ohio, trees change color and start dropping their leaves anytime from mid-August through the end of November (and sometimes into December!). When fall shows its true colors, and before the snow flies, it’s time to put the lawn to bed at your Oberer home.

Green Home Building Tips for Sustainability

Many families are opting to custom build their home opposed to purchasing an existing home due to going green. Our homebuilders are committed to building for the future, keeping sustainability in mind. Consider these green home building tips for sustainability, saving you money down the road.

Maximizing Your Luxury Custom Home Investment

Every detail from flooring, appliances, and outdoor upgrades can influence your custom home’s resale value. When working with Oberer Homes design team, we will examine features and focal points that will increase your home’s value, maximizing your luxury custom home investment. 

Hosting the Perfect Fall Gathering

Fall is the perfect season for entertaining as the cooler weather brings a breath of fresh air and coziness. There is no better way to embrace the beauty of autumn than by opening your newly custom built home to friends and family for an evening of mingling!