Building with Oberer Homes

After considering your options and doing your research, you've decided to build a home. Congratulations! So now what?

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How to Choose The Right Home Builder

After deciding to build your dream home, it’s time to find a local home builder. Finding a trustworthy custom home builder that meets all requirements and is a pleasure to work with can feel daunting. The Oberer Homes team is sharing our tips for how to choose the right home builder for your family, allowing you to check every builder requirement off your list.

10 Things You’ll Want to Purchase After You Move into Your New Custom Home

In addition to creating a budget for building your custom dream home, you may also want to include a budget for things around the house. The last thing you will want during the moving process is realize your house is missing miscellaneous items and necessities! Check out these 10 things you’ll want to purchase after you move into your new home, allowing you to enjoy the space without worry.

Oberer Will Be Featured in the 2018 Dayton Home-a-Rama!

Oberer Homes is honored to be one of the preeminent home builders in the Miami Valley, creating communities with character since 1949. Building the foundation of your future home where laughs and memories will be shared is what keeps our spark alive. Our hard work and commitment to our community has us beyond excited to be featured in the Home Builders Association of Dayton’s 2018 Homearama Touring Edition!

The Ins and Outs of Financing a New Home Construction

When shopping and designing for a new custom home, imagining a glamorous kitchen and endless cabinet space is a dream any homeowner can envision. Although the amazing features and aesthetics of your home are new and exciting, it is important to not forget the most important step: financing. The ins and outs of financing a new home construction can feel overwhelming, bringing many to question where to even start. Fortunately, you have a partner in Oberer Homes.

Tips for Settling into your New Neighborhood

Moving into a new neighborhood brings a wave of emotions, from the excitement of  new beginnings to the scariness of not knowing what lies ahead. Finding your sense of peace within a community should be a welcoming process, which is why Oberer Homes is proud to offer an array of communities; each expressing an atmosphere of their own. Our team has provided a list of tips for settling into your new neighborhood, so you can feel at home in every aspect.

Floor Plan of the Month : Meet the Princeton

At Oberer Homes, we understand the desires and needs a growing family seeks in a home. Creating a space that matches your lifestyle is key to truly feeling a sense of belonging and peaceful content. With that in mind, we are proud to showcase the Princeton floor plan this month. The Princeton offers an open-concept floor plan, perfect for families or entertaining! Discover the eye-catching features the Princeton has to offer.   

10 Reasons People Prefer New Homes to Buying Existing

Designing a new home comes with many advantages, both for your family and the home itself. At Oberer Homes, seeing the value a new home brings a family is what fuels our passion for endlessly creating the perfect space for any lifestyle. Our team has listed 10 reasons people prefer new homes to buying existing, and why the benefits are worth it in the long run.

Floor Plan of the Month : Meet the Wesley

The team at Oberer Homes understands the importance of space for those with larger families. We are proud to introduce our Wesley floor plan, created with an open flow in mind. The details and features the Wesley offers are sure to gain the attention of new home owners, especially those with a gaggle of kids in tow! Without further ado, we are happy to introduce you to our floor plan of the month : The Wesley.

Comparing Dayton Home Builders : How to Find the Best Home Builder for You

Taking on the exciting journey of building a custom home in Dayton is an exciting time for your family and comes with endless rewards. Although this is a new adventure, it’s important to do research and not let the excitement take over the quality of work. At Oberer Homes, we understand the value in selecting the right home builders, which is why we are listing tips on comparing Dayton Home Builders and how to find the best home builder for you.