Bring These Summer Trends into Your Newly Custom Built Home

With summer comes warm sunshine, days by the pool, and making endless memories in your new home. Bring these summer trends into your newly custom built home and fully embrace the cheerful season.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Eco Friendly Home?

Not only does building an energy efficient home save you money, but provides better quality health as well. So, what are the benefits of having an eco-friendly home?

Why Dayton, Ohio Is on the Rise

Oberer Homes is proud to call the Miami Valley home, and you should be too! If you’re looking to move to the region, learn why Dayton, Ohio is on the rise and discover what makes this community so valuable.

Three Easy Ways to Incorporate Minimalist Design in Your Custom Hom

Take advantage of this opportunity of building your new home by tackling design elements you have always wished for. Incorporating minimalist design into your custom home is a trend we love, as a minimalist design expresses a clean, yet welcoming environment.

Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by many homeowners, as some find the hobby therapeutic and relaxing. Plus, it’s fun to watch your veggies and plants grow! If you’re new to gardening and want to take advantage of spring showers, consider these gardening tips and tricks.

Explore Bathroom Design Trends for 2019

The bathroom of your new home should be a space of relaxation, as it is where most of us begin and end our days. Explore these bathroom design trends for 2019 for your new home inspiration.

How Home Building has Evolved over 70 Years

Oberer Companies is proud to celebrate 70 years of family, craftsmanship, and home building. Learn how home building has evolved in 70 years, and how we continuously strive to meet new home standards.

Is a Finished Basement Right For You?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of custom building your new home is the ability to customize the space to reflect your lifestyle. Having a finished basement provides many opportunities to design the space however you please!

Tips on Finding a Trusted Home Builder in Ohio

At Oberer Homes, we make it a mission to offer customized attention to detail and innovative craftsmanship leaving you more than impressed with your new home. Explore these tips on finding a trusted home builder in Ohio, ensuring all of your needs are not only met, but exceeded.