Basement Storage Solutions for Your Home


Building your dream custom home comes with the opportunity to design each room to your liking. With the endless customizable features, your family will be able to make new memories in a home that reflects who you are. After selecting a trusted custom home builder, the fun begins! You will browse floor plans, share inspiration with the home design team, and watch your visions come to life. 


While exploring floor plans, you may opt for a home that comes with a basement. Many families prefer to have a basement, as this provides a spare room that can be put to various uses. This may include a workout area, game room, or perhaps a man cave for football weekends. Although a finished basement provides space to get creative, it’s also a great option for those craving extra storage area. But, how can you get creative with storage without the feeling of clutter? Take a closer look at these basement storage solutions, allowing you to functionally use your home’s basement. 

Hang Floating Shelves 

When thinking of storing items in a basement, one may envision boxes stacked on top of each other tucked away in a corner. However, there are a number of storage solutions to organize miscellaneous items, such as including floating shelves. This open design can be great for organizing children’s toys in containers, along with books or art supplies. 

Make Use of Areas Under the Staircase

Taking advantage of the extra space under the staircase is practical and great for storing items you want to keep out of eyesite. This may include holiday decor, traveling gear, or project bins. To keep these items hidden, consider closing off the space and adding a door for easy access. 

Include a Bookshelf

Do you consider yourself an active reader? If you find your books beginning to pile up, consider including a bookshelf within the space. If you find yourself having extra space on the shelves, use this as an opportunity to place home decor, such as candles or photo frames, to bring the extra level of coziness. 

Customize with Built-in Storage Solutions

One benefit of building a custom home is the ability to design the space to suit your lifestyle. One way to allow extra storage in your design is to incorporate built-in storage solutions in the basement, such as a large closet. This could replace rolling basement storage racks and give a cleaner look. Making the most of your basement storage is always a great long-term improvement for your home.


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