Design Trends | Repurpose Old-Fashioned Door Knobs As Towel Hangers.

Interior home decoration is an art form that often takes a lot of creativity. One cool way that you can integrate an old-fashioned style into your home without much effort is to install old-fashioned door knobs as towel hangers in your bathroom. This home hacks is easy enough for just about anybody to implement.

Where To Get These Old Door Knobs
Estate sales, thrift stores, hardware stores … you never know where you will find the real gems! Old-fashioned door knobs can typically be found on a variety of wooden doors installed on homes in the 60s to the 90s. You want to try to find metal knobs that have a unique decorative style, such as a particular type of material or engraved shapes that you think would look good in your bathroom.

Matching The Style Of Your Bathroom
When choosing door knobs to install in your bathroom, make sure to find ones that match the color of your walls, other interior items, and the general style of your bathroom. For example, if you have brown decorative pots scattered through the room, you could install a brown door knob that matches or is at least complimentary to the pots.

Installing Them On The Walls
Once you’ve found some door knobs you want to use, make sure to fully remove them from the door using a screw driver. Obviously, you’re only going to be able to use one half of the knob, so throw the other half away (or save it for another DIY project down the road!). Place the knob, including its frame, up against your bathroom wall and screw it down against a stud in the wall.

Install multiple knobs to create different towel hangers for the members of your family to create a fun individualized look. You are well on your way to your own high-class style with little effort!

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