Explore Bathroom Design Trends for 2019


The beauty of custom building your new home comes with the option of making every little detail unique to your style. This may feel overwhelming to some, but don’t fret! When custom building with Oberer Homes, our design team will assist you through every step, easing the stress and worries you may hold. This is an exciting time and we want you to enjoy every moment! The bathroom of your new home should be a space of relaxation, as it is where most of us begin and end our days. Explore these bathroom design trends for 2019 for your new home inspiration.

Wooden Accents

Sustainable materials are making a statement in new home designs when it comes to interior design, including space in bathrooms. Wood cabinets provide not only a durable piece, but add a beauty like no other. Choose from dark or light stains to blend with the other design elements in the bathroom. Wooden cabinets are perfect for adding the zen, spa-like feeling to the space.

Embrace Gold

Adding gold hardware brings elegance to the bathroom, while making it a point to express small features. Gold faucets, towel hangers, and handles are an easy way to add life to the bathroom. If you already have your heart set on a specific style of hardware, consider opting for a mirror with a golden frame. Your guests are sure to take notice.

Combine Different Materials

When it comes to customizing your new home, there are no rules. Now is the time to get creative! Combining different materials, such as wood, steel, or marble makes the space feel interesting and unique. If you are seeking even more Zen, introducing bamboo is a great way to make your bathroom feel inviting. Don’t be afraid to be versatile when designing your custom home.

Blend Styles

Perhaps you consider your preferred style as modern or minimalistic. The trend is popular for those who are open to blending styles. If your bathroom features a modern-feel, adding a rustic touch will express a refreshing twist to design. An easy way to do this is to add vintage tiles or backsplash.


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