Guide to the Home Building Process

Guide to the Home Building Process

Having a custom home built for you and your family can be an extremely exciting time. Of course, there’s a lot going on during this process and it can be a bewildering if it’s your first time through the proces. The home building process can be that much more engaging, however, when you know what's happening at every step of the way.  Below, we'll tell you just how the home building process works, and how we here at Oberer Homes take a blank slate and turn it into the home of your dreams.

Build it Up...

First, we have to ensure that the area where the home is going to be built has been cleared and leveled out.  Once we're sure that the area is ready, we'll pour the foundation for the home.  This is important, as a strong foundation will keep your home level and secure for decades to come.  After the foundation has dried and set, it's time to construct the rough framing of the home.  The framing will vary depending on which floor plan has been chosen, but these are the bare bones of the home; its skeleton, if you will.

With the framing in place, the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work will all be installed.  Insulation will be added afterward to ensure that the home is sealed  up tight, making temperature control within the finished home efficient and simple.  With the insulation and wiring in place, drywall can now go up and interior textures can be completed on the walls, ceilings, and floors.  This is the point of the build where the final picture really begins to come into focus as walls and rooms are easily distinguishable.

...Then Dress it Up

Here is where the real fun begins!  

With the bare bones of the home complete,we now start adding the features and details that will truly set the home apart.  First, the hard-surface flooring goes in, creating a ready space for the finished flooring options that will come later in the build.  Countertops go in next, and will vary depending on the choices made by the homeowner.  Once the countertops are fully in place, it's time to install the mechanical trims and the kitchen and bathroom fixtures.  Again, these fixtures will vary according to the client's specifications.  With fixtures in place, any glass additions within the home such as mirrors or shower doors will be added at this time.  At this point in the home building process, the construction is almost complete, but we still need to put in the specialty flooring, whether it be wood, vinyl, carpet, or a particular custom order.

Sure, the inside is done, but what about the exterior?  Don't worry, we do that as well!  Any exterior driveways and walkways will be installed, as well as exterior paint or siding. The roof is usually shingled in Ohio but other types of roofing materials are common.  The landscaping will be attended to as a finishing touch.

Last but certainly not least is the final walk-through of the home.  This is the point where the builder and the client walk every inch of the constructed home together, ensuring that all specifications have been met and that the client is pleased with their newly built home. The home building process is a really wonderful experience for both the homeowner and the builder, bringing to life the central space of a family’s life-- all from pure imagination!


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