How Home Building has Evolved over 70 Years


Oberer Companies is proud to celebrate 70 years of family, craftsmanship, and home building. Quite a bit has changed over the past 70 years, but as the construction industry has continued to grow, so has Oberer Homes. The rise of living standards has significantly increased over time as families built up the value and importance of their home. We proudly adjusted to the change of living, tailoring to homeowners’ needs by offering customizable features when building your new home. Learn how home building has evolved in 70 years, and how we continuously strive to meet new home standards.

Home Building Then

America began to rapidly grow between 1940s throughout the 70s following The Great Depression. Homeownership increased in the late 1940s, where families shifted into living in suburban neighborhoods. The home building industry was booming during this time period, where families welcomed the idea of friendly communities and neighborhoods. Homes built in the 1950s often featured a large driveway with a smaller floor plan. By the 70s, homes divided into multiple levels were on the rise and ranch-style floor plans became a popular choice by homeowners.

Home Building Now

As time passed, homeowners preferred more and more space within their home. Since the 1990s, homes have progressed in size and are now 80% bigger than homes built in the 1940s. Families are starting to notice the benefits of buying a brand new home compared to purchasing an old, used house. New homes are more energy efficient, saving you money on utility costs per month. Plus, the risk of purchasing an older home comes with a chance of unforeseen maintenance issues and repairs. Choosing to custom build a new home is more popular than ever, as homeowners are attracted to designing a space that truly reflects their lifestyle. Not only is one able to customize their home, but the idea of building a home specifically for your family holds a special meaning.

Oberer Homes is honored to have experienced a change in the home building industry over the past 70 years. Building strong communities for families to grow and enjoy their lives in truly brings us an immense level of pride and satisfaction. We look forward to the years to come.


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