How to Make Your New Home Feel Zen


During the erratic and stresses of everyday life, it is important to find tranquility and relaxation in the comfort of our homes. Applying the idea of Zen principles to interior design has been a popular trend the past couple years, but what does Zen even mean? In Japanese, Zen is referred to as meditation. However, when speaking interior design, the meaning reflects balance, harmony, and relaxation. If you are craving clarity and comfort in your personal space, stay tuned to learn how to make your newly custom home feel more Zen.

Strive for Earthy Hues

A room inspired by the relaxation of Zen expresses natural colors, such as white, grey, beige, or pink beige which will induce a sense of calmness. To create an even flow of the space, it is suggested to choose a dominant color, such as white or grey, and incorporate specs of a different shade, such as pink beige or deep blue. This can be done by matching objects or textured designs, such as lamp shades or pillow cases.

Incorporate Softness at Your Feet

Hardwood flooring brings a beautiful feel to any home; placing an appropriate size rug is a great way to add softness and coziness to any living area, office, or owner suite. For those who crave full coverage of softness, consider playing with different carpet options for a complete sense of comfort. Adding a rug to any room is bound to bring a cocoon sensation.

Select Natural and Light Fabrics

Fabrics, such as bedding or furniture, should stick to the same rule of natural, light, and comfortable. One essential element to take into consideration with your Zen decor is curtains. Don’t forget the matching of curtain rods when choosing your preferred color and texture, as the two are considered a pair and should reflect each other.

Introduce House Plants

House plants have a calming effect through their soothing green color. Not only do house plants bring a feeling of peace, but they also purify your indoor air! Bonsai trees and hanging terrariums are both good choices when adding greenery to your home. For those new to the house plant trend, we suggest starting with low light and maintenance plants, such as ZZ plants and snake plants.

Eliminate Clutter

Although it seems simple enough, eliminating clutter and accessories lying around will transform your space more than imagined. Keeping a room clean of as many items as possible and only keeping the essentials allows you to enjoy the bliss of a clean, organized space. Adding miscellaneous items that bring you comfort, such as a cozy candle or soft lighting is also encouraged!


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