Myths About Custom Building a New Home

There is no better feeling than moving into a home that was specifically designed with your family in mind. Building a custom home reflects your personality, making your everyday life a little easier and relaxed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about custom building a new home that may scare new homeowners from the idea. It is often believed that custom home building is an expensive process that takes longer and comes with a headache. The Oberer Homes team is here to debunk the home building myths, allowing you to rest at ease with your decision.

The Design Process is Overwhelming

Many homeowners are intimidated by the idea of designing a home from scratch. When working with Oberer Homes, our design team is with you through every step. We make it a priority to make this a fun and exciting process! We will walk you through our floor plans, helping you choose a layout that matches your lifestyle. After selecting a floor plan, any optional features you wish to incorporate to the design can easily be done.

Custom Building is More Expensive

There is a common myth that choosing to custom build a new home is more expensive than choosing the traditional homebuying path. At Oberer Homes, we make it a goal to work with most budgets, often being the same price of purchasing an existing home. The benefits of custom building a new home greatly outweigh those of purchasing an existing home, such as cleaner air quality, cheaper utility bills, and more!

Lack of Communication With Home Builders

Custom home building cannot exist without quality communication between the builder and the homebuyer. This is a top priority when building with Oberer Homes, where a staff member will be with you through the whole building process. We value your input on every minor and major decision, making sure you are constantly in the loop.


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