Spring Cleaning: Let’s Get Organized!

Spring has almost sprung! Dayton, Ohio experiences some harsh winters usually leaving walkways discolored from salt and snow removal. With the warmer weather coming, now is the perfect time to tidy up around your newly custom build home. Consider getting organized with these spring-cleaning tips!

Organize Your Shed

Spring cleaning not only consists of wiping down your countertops but decluttering your space to welcome the warm days ahead. What better way to prepare for gardening and grass mowing than organizing your shed? It’s finally time to move the snow blower towards the back and make your mower easily accessible. Your future self will thank you when the grass starts to grow!

Save Your Floors

Spring is often a rainy season, so be sure your entryway is prepared! Putting down fresh door mats will help prevent mud from being tracked onto your clean floors. Also consider adding storage for umbrellas, such as a chic basket or DIY project.

Power Wash Exterior

For those looking to freshen up the exterior of their home, power washing is a great way to make any home look brand new. Power wash the siding to remove debris build up from heavy snowfalls. Taking time to power wash your driveway and walkways will also clear the area of dirt, leaving a stunning curb-appeal.

Gut Your Closet

The good news about walk-in closets are the ample storage space that comes with them. However, this space can easily allow clutter and items to become disorganized. Spring is the perfect time to gut your closet, allowing you to donate unused items and make room for lighter clothes.

Declutter Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Organizing your kitchen cabinets gives items a designated spot and allows family members to easily locate cooking utensils. Pots and lids often become separated, leaving you guessing on which set matches. Being prepared with an organized space will make your next entertaining event a smooth process.


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