Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks


With spring officially here, now is the perfect time to take advantage of your new outdoor space! Gardening is an activity enjoyed by many homeowners, as some find the hobby therapeutic and relaxing. Plus, it’s fun to watch your veggies and plants grow! If you’re new to gardening and want to take advantage of spring showers, consider these gardening tips and tricks.

Plan Your Garden Ahead of Time

If you want to make next year’s gardening season a little easier, start by preparing now by choosing buds that you can use more than once. Do this by removing the seed heads (while leaving the foliage untouched) to encourage old buds to grow next year. When doing this, it’s important to develop a regular watering schedule to ensure they are getting the correct amount of nutrients. Come next year, you’ll save money on new buds.

Revive the Soil

Your soil is most likely dry and hard from the harsh winter. Adding moisture will break up the packed soil and prepare it for a fresh garden. Consider testing the soil to see nutrients that are lacking. An at-home soil testing kit can be purchased at most greenhouses! Adding organic materials, such as compost or manure, can help add nutrients naturally.

Manage Pests

With gardens come pesky pests, potentially destroying your plants and hard work. Some experienced gardeners recommend hiring a professional or purchase high quality pesticide, while others believe in handling the problem by prevention. Take time to examine the stems and leaves of your plants for signs of pests. Warning signs that your plants have been infected includes holes in the leaves or chew marks. If you come across signs of pests and wish to avoid chemicals, try making a natural DIY bug repellent at home!

Be Careful With Fertilizer

Fertilizer can often do more harm than good to one’s garden when using too much. Plants can become dependent on the fertilizer, making it a challenge to maintain. When too much fertilizer is used, your plants will crave more water and attention. Minimizing the use of fertilizer will save money and hassle.


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