Three Easy Ways to Incorporate Minimalist Design in Your Custom Hom


The fun aspect of custom building your dream home is getting creative with design elements. Allow your creativity to shine through when planning your new home, making the space unique to you. Take advantage of this opportunity of building your new home by tackling design elements you have always wished for. Incorporating minimalist design into your custom home is a trend we love, as a minimalist design expresses a clean, yet welcoming environment.

Go Neutral With Colors

The key to bringing a minimalist feel into your home is to balance colors. Choosing neutral hues, such as soft grays and off-whites is a popular choice by those on the minimalist trend. This lets natural light pour in and allows the space to feel natural and inviting. However, if white isn’t particularly your color, you can opt for a dark bold. Black, deep blues or dark gray can make the space feel inviting.

Use Organic Materials

Incorporating organic materials into your custom build will always be in style. Installing wood floors is an easy way to add warmth. Perhaps you want to combine an organic and industrial look to the space, which is easily doable. Metal or glass coffee tables are simple pieces that add functionality while keeping a minimal feel.

Include Storage into Home Design

The meaning of going minimalistic means decluttering and taking advantage of storage. More homeowners are opting for a minimalist design as a way to start fresh and live simply. When custom building with Oberer Homes, our design team is more than happy to include extra storage into your home design. Finished basements are a functional custom feature, perfect for storing miscellaneous items.


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