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Turn Your Bedroom into a Master Suite Retreat

Customizing your home is as much about putting personal touches into it as it is about creating a space that feels cozy for the family. One area of the home where people like to create a space of solitude and peace is the master bedroom and bathroom. This can bring feelings of rest and restoration after a long day at work or just a space to kick back and relax. The master bathroom is an important element of creating this feeling. Here are some options for creating a special master suite retreat with a master bath of your dreams.


Choosing a Tub

Even though it seems tubs fell out of fashion for a while, they are back in full swing now. The standalone tub is one way to show a current, modern look to the bathroom while creating a cozy feel. The freestanding soaking roman tub looks great but can be too big for some people. Others like to look at options like jetted tubs. A variety of faucets and filler spouts to choose from help make it feel like home. A soothing waterfall feature is a popular feature that can be added with soft accent lighting and tiles. The ambiance will take you to another place while you soak your troubles away. 



One feature that is common or many custom homes is the walk-in shower. Nothing says relaxation like an open, inviting space to sit and relax at the start or end of the day. For people who enjoy the sauna, it may be a good idea to include a steam shower. This is great for relaxation and unwinding following a long day. Designing a master bedroom with a steam shower requires a bit of extra work to add a steam compressor but this can be done upon installation to make sure it is vented properly. Along with this shower is bench seating as a must-have in custom bathroom design. This should be placed near the handheld sprayer.


Vanity Selection

A popular choice for custom bathrooms is his/hers vanity that provides for space in the bathroom to get ready in the morning or late at night after a long day. Each person can arrange the vanity the way they like. The functional layout is key. This will require more space and electrical outlets on the side she chooses because women typically use more bathroom appliances but overall the look will be the same on both sides. The hardware that goes into the bathroom makes a difference. Going with bright versus dark colors changes the aesthetic and people often have to decide what flooring, tiles, and colors to do the cabinets in so it is complimentary and serves their purpose.


Creating a custom bathroom space takes time to get the right look and feel. There are lots of options to choose from. Going with a builder that can be trusted is helpful when consulting with them about how to build the space to suit your needs and create a homey environment that will serve as a place of peace and calm.


Oberer Homes loves serving their client’s individual needs. If you are ready to look at building a home that suits all your needs, we are here to help.  If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with a trusted member of our team, please feel free to give us a call at 937-531-5505.

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