Why Indoor Air Quality in Your Home is Important

Most people are aware how outdoor air pollutants can impact our health, but what about indoor air quality? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have found that indoor levels of pollutants may be two to five times — and occasionally more than 100 times — higher than outdoor levels. This may bring a level of concern, as we often consider our homes a safe, comfortable space. The good news is that new, custom built homes offer healthier air quality than homes built years prior. Learn why indoor air quality in your home is important, and what you can do to ensure your family is healthy.

The Value of Clean Air

Breathing quality indoor air is crucial to maintain good health. When spending time indoors with poor air quality, one may experience itchy eyes, breathing problems, headaches, and fatigue. Clean air through a house can prevent many environmental health hazards such as asthma, which, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, affects 25 million people in a given year. Two common indoor air pollutants include:

  • Radon: Radon is a dangerous gas pollutant that enters homes through cracks and other improperly sealed openings. It has been identified as the second leading cause of lung cancer.
  • Combustion Pollutants: These gases, which include carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, come from burning materials or improperly vented fuel-burning appliances such as space heaters, wood stoves, gas stoves, water heaters, dryers and fireplaces.

How a New Custom Built Home Improves Air Quality

Indoor air quality continues to be a concern that requires immediate action from homeowners. Although discussing indoor air quality may sound like a scary topic, it doesn’t have to be. When building a new custom built home you are ensured a safe, healthy space to raise your family. With all new appliances and up-to-date codes, your new home will provide a comfortable living area for years to come.


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