3 DIY Home Decor Projects That’ll Inspire You

I think we can all agree that our same surroundings are getting a little blah. During these challenging times, it’s easy to become bored of the same old decor and furnishings. Are you looking to furnish and decorate your new home? If you have extra time on your hands and a flair for the creative, DIY home decor projects can liven up your space on a budget.

What are some creative and cost-effective projects you can do-it-yourself? Oberer Homes explores three of the best DIY projects for transforming your home!

1. Create a Vertical Garden

Whether you’re a longtime plant parent or just developing your green thumb, vertical gardens are a gorgeous, manageable, and space-efficient method of bringing fresh life into your home. Planting upwards opposed to outwards grants you the opportunity to watch greenery, flowers, and herbs flourish — even if your place is on the smaller side.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

  • Repurpose Tin Cans. Chic yet cheap, all you’ll need for this project  are tin cans, spray paint, soil, seeds, and power tools. To make your garden even more appealing to the eye, you can coordinate the color of the cans with whatever’s blossoming inside of them.
  • Find a Ladder. Using a ladder as a stage to spotlight your vertical garden brings color and a unique touch to your home. Going this route is perfect for people who want to avoid assembly and construction. Essentially, all you have to do is figure out your aesthetic, pot your plants, and watch them grow.
  • Let Your Succulents Shine. An involved project ideal for interior spaces, a succulent garden can add an alluring element to any living area. The first step is indulging in some retail therapy—grab an array of appealing succulents and a big wooden board, and then let inspiration take the wheel.

2. Refurbish Your Furniture

If you’re crafty and not afraid of appliances and hard work, refurbishing old furniture will give you an artistic outlet along with something to be proud of. It can become a lifelong hobby or just a task at hand.

Whether you’ve discovered a promising item at a thrift store, have become the new owner of furniture passed down in the family, or want to revive something you’ve had forever, refurbishing can return a piece to its glistening glory.

What are common items people refurbish?

  • Wooden Chairs. A project great for beginners, refurbishing a wooden chair only usually requires some standard repairs. Once you sand, prime, and paint your chair, you can go ahead and take a seat—after it dries, of course.
  • Dining Tables. Time spent at the dinner table is often sacred; it’s important to keep the surface you share in great condition. The process of perfecting the table to make it pristine again may take an entire weekend, but you’ll be left with a new piece of furniture as a setting to create new memories.
  • Kitchen Cabinetry. Accomplished do-it-yourselfers: this is a project for you. Usually reserved for the professionals, refinishing your kitchen cabinets will have you feeling accomplished and excited to entertain. If you have the resources (you’ll need supplies) and the time (it can take hours), go for it!

3. Display Floating Shelves

It doesn’t matter if you’re low on space or have photos you want to show off — hanging shelves can add a cute and convenient touch to your home. A relatively easy project, creating and installing hanging shelves doesn’t take too long, cost too much, or require too much skill. You can use an old wooden door as a surface for the shelving unit. Once you have that, all you’ll need are some tools, screws, nails, and masking tape.

It won’t be long until the shelves you made are levitating in your space. And, when everyone asks, “Where did you get that?” you can say,  “I made it, actually!”

Making Something You’re Proud to Have in Your Home

The notion of doing-it-yourself may sound scary, but you’ll be surprised to learn what you can accomplish from a little inspiration and dedication.

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