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4 Grocery Stores Selling Local Produce in Dayton, Ohio

Looking for locally grown produce? There are several grocery stores in Dayton, Ohio that source and sell it year-round!

Buying locally has several benefits to your health, your community, and the environment. It’s easy, too! In this article, we’ll cover reasons why you should consider buying local produce and four places you can do it in Dayton.

Quick Takeaways

  • Local produce is more nutritious and flavorful thanks to a shorter harvest-to-table time.
  • Buying local supports local economies and supports more thriving communities.
  • Local produce benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and wasteful packaging during transport.
  • Dayton’s 2nd Street Market, Dorothy Lane Market, and Gem City Market are popular local options for fresh produce.
  • Whole Foods sources locally grown produce and has several locations in Dayton and its surrounding suburbs.

What are the benefits of buying local produce?

Buying local produce is good for more than just your health. It benefits your larger community, is better for the environment, supports local farmers and businesses, and generally tastes better too!

Let’s dive deeper into a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy from shopping at grocery stores in Dayton, Ohio that are sourcing locally.

Local produce is more nutritious

When fruits and vegetables are harvested, they’re cut off from their source of nutrients. The clock is ticking from the time of harvest to when produce reaches your table. The longer that time period is, the more nutrients your fruits and veggies lose.

Studies have shown that most produce loses 30% of its nutrients just three days after harvest. Spinach can lose 90% in just 24 hours!

When you buy local produce, the time between harvest and eating is shorter, and your produce is more nutritious.

It supports your local economy

Your local economy is what supports the community you live in. When you buy local produce, you support that local economy. The money you spend is reinvested close to home by growers and businesses in your area.

Buying local is better for the environment

Buying local produce is eco-friendly in a number of ways. Local transportation cuts back on carbon emissions and lowers pollution. It reduces wasteful packaging as a large majority of local produce is sold at farmers markets and nearby stores, eliminating the need for packaging at all.

High demand for local produce also supports the maintaining of local farms and green spaces, promoting clean air, water, and soil.

Local growers can tell you how your food is grown

When you buy local, you’re able to create connections with local growers and learn about how your food is actually grown. You can eat with intention and feel confident in the safety and nutritiousness of your food by asking about growing and harvesting practices and learning where your produce comes from.

It tastes better!

Local produce doesn’t have to be picked in time for long-distance shipping and distribution. Instead, it’s picked at the peak of ripeness and often makes it to your kitchen within 24 hours from the time it is harvested. Buying locally means your produce will have a richer flavor!

4 grocery stores in Dayton, Ohio selling local produce

2nd Street Market

Local produce being sold at 2nd Street Market.

Image Source

2nd Street Market is a destination stop in Dayton — and for good reason. This popular market supports local growers and other culinary specialists and artisans.

It features 40+ vendors and is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays year-round. You’ll find some of the freshest local produce at 2nd Street and plenty of other delicacies to enjoy.

Dorothy Lane Market

Produce section at Dorothy Lane Market.

Image Source

Dorothy Lane Market is a gourmet grocery store in Dayton, Ohio known for the quality of its food and its local sourcing. If you want local produce rich in flavor and straight from Dayton’s local growers, Dorothy Lane is a must-try.

Check out this awesome list of places where Dorothy Lane Market sources its local produce (and why they’re so committed to doing so).

Gem City Market

Produce section at Gem City Market in West Dayton.

Image Source

Gem City Market is a co-op grocery store recently launched in 2020 with the goal of increasing access to local produce and other groceries in the Dayton area. Committed to working with local growers and suppliers to source fresh and organic food, at Gem City Market you’ll find some of the freshest produce in Dayton.

Whole Foods

Produce section at Whole Foods.

Image Source

Whole Foods is well known nationally for its commitment to locally sourced produce, and their grocery stores in Dayton, Ohio (and surrounding suburbs) are no different. If you’re looking for a traditional grocery store experience while also shopping locally, Whole Foods is a great choice.

Bonus: Farmers Markets

Produce being sold at Oakwood Farmers Market.

Image Source

While not technically grocery stores, Farmers Markets are one of the best places to find locally grown and really fresh produce. You can find plenty of them around Dayton (here’s a good list to help you get started). Most are open seasonally, and you won’t regret checking them out during the spring, summer, and fall months!

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