6 Insider Tips for Buying a Big House on a Low Budget

We all want a big house with a yard at some point in our lives. We want a spacious home with huge windows, and a big patio to host friends, and hold fun barbecues that become the talk of the neighborhood. But a house that fits this description can push the limits of your budget. So how can you make the most of your budget? By maximizing the tips and tricks on buying a big home on a low budget in this article.

Below are six insider tips for buying the biggest home your budget can get.

1. Shop in the Suburbs

Houses in a classy neighborhood conveniently near an urban center will always be expensive. But homes on the outskirts are usually more affordable.


Homebuyers are more inclined to buying homes near and inside urban centers since the outskirts lack most of the facilities they use every day.

This reduces the demand for houses in the suburbs, making it possible to find a big home at a lower price.

So, instead of going where everyone is, consider moving toward your town’s suburbs, where most homebuyers would rather skip.

2. Monitor the Market

In a buyers’ market, prices go down, you have more room for negotiations, and you get more options since the competition for listings is lower. In other words, all realtors and home sellers want to do is close. This increases your chances of buying a big home on a low budget tenfold.

So, before you start shopping, review the real estate market. Check expert predictions and lookout for signs of a buyer’s market, such as increased home construction.

3. Build Your Home

Another way to make your budget fit a big home is to build it. While this means foregoing the convenience of getting a ready-to-move-in house, you have more control over your budget.

For instance, you can analyze the market for vendors who will supply you with affordable building materials. You also have more say on customization since you can control all the design aspects.

What’s more, building a home from the ground up allows you to do it at your pace. That means when funds become tight, you can always stop, secure more, and then pick up where you left off.

That said, if you decide to take this path, make sure to use a reputable contractor to build your home. This enables you to reduce the risk of going above your budget and prevents the process from taking ages.

4. Be Open to Compromises

If you want to buy a big house with a low budget, be open-minded and flexible about compromises because the market is already not in your favor.

However, whatever you do, compromise only on things you can change later, when you save up enough. For example, don’t settle for a three-bedroomed house when you want a four-bedroomed one. Otherwise, you’ll have to live with your decision.

But if you find a big home you love, but it has a closed kitchen instead of an open floor plan, go for it. Sure, it doesn’t fit the bill of what you want, but take the deal because you can always change the floor plan later. After all, it is functional at present.

5. Get a Mortgage 

If you already have your eyes set on a particular big house but your budget doesn’t fit the bill, consider getting a mortgage. Put down the money you had for the endeavor as down payment with a reputable lender, and get a mortgage to secure your dream home.

6. Invest in Under-Construction Homes

A move-in ready home is everyone’s wish. But since you’re looking to buy a big home but have a low budget, consider investing in under-construction homes. They’re more affordable than move-in ready homes. Plus, if you work with a reputable property developer, you can always negotiate a good deal.

Get Your Dream Big Home Today with Oberer Homes

A spacious house is part of the plan for most of us.

Making slight compromises, shopping in the suburbs, investing in under-construction homes, and working with a reputable company like Oberer Homes are excellent ways to buy a big house on a low budget. Whatever your dream home might be, we’ll walk with you to turn it into reality.

Schedule a consultation with our team at Oberer Homes today to discover that perfect big house on a low budget. 

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