6 Simple Ways to Use Feng Shui in Your Home

A real estate survey conducted by Better Homes in collaboration with Gardens Real Estate and AREAA indicates that 86% of buyers consider Feng Shui a vital factor in home selection. It also noted that 79% are willing to pay more for homes that apply Feng Shui techniques.

Indeed, Feng Shui principles have become popular and a must-have factor for homeowners. These are practices that not only make your home healthier and more organized but also reveal how connected you are to your space – and how that affects your well-being and moods.

You don’t want to miss out on the magic of Feng Shui bringing love, abundance, and positive energy into your house.

6 Simple Ways to Use Feng Shui in Your Home

Below are Feng Shui tips to get the positive energy flowing around your home:

1. Open the Front Door

In Feng Shui, keeping your front door open and accessible is a way to welcome opportunities and blessings through your front door. So, if you keep it closed, you may be blocking your good luck.

Open your front door at least once every week. The more often you can do it, the better.

Avoid having a wall or clutter when you walk into your front door. You want the entryway to feel open and welcoming; otherwise, you hinder the free flow of positive energy in your home.

2. Keep Bathrooms Closed

Bathrooms are a top consideration when it comes to Feng Shui home design. This is mainly due to the presence of water, which is one of the five basic elements of Feng Shui. Because water is a representation of wealth, you don’t want it to leave your home. So always keep your bathroom door closed, all taps properly closed, and the toilet seat down.

It’s also important to have your custom home builders install water-saving plumbing fixtures that help conserve the precious commodity. Include images of nature as part of your bathroom décor to compensate for energy lost through the drains.

3. Balance the Feng Shui Elements

There are five basic elements of Feng Shui – earth, wood, water, fire, and metal. These elements are represented either physically, like when you burn a candle to represent fire, or symbolically by having warm colors like red to represent fire.

Whichever representation you select for your home, you must strike a balance between all the five elements. For example, you can have a candle that represents fire next to a wooden bowl. Balancing the elements can help bring serenity into your indoor space.

4. Bring Plants Indoors

Having plants indoors is an effective way to bring positive energy at home. Plants help to purify the air. What’s more, watching nature reduces anxiety and creates a peaceful home. So nurturing indoor plants is also a way of nurturing yourself.

According to Feng Shui home design rules, you should place the indoor plants on top of your kitchen cabinets. The empty space between the cabinets and the ceiling keeps energy stagnant. Putting plants in these spaces can get rid of the dead energy and inject new life into your home.

Some of the best Feng Shui plants to consider include Lady Palm, Dracaena Janet Craig, and Areca Palm.

5. Maximize on Quality Air and Light

Quality air and natural light are essential components for Feng Shui. The two can make you feel calm and positive. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by opening your windows to allow proper air circulation and natural light.

Also, when building a home, consider an open plan design and don’t place the front door and back door opposite to each other. Such an arrangement will mean the chi energy will get into the house and flow out immediately. Consequently, you won’t obtain the full benefits of Feng Shui.

6. Use Mirrors Appropriately

Mirrors, when placed in strategic places, can help bring positive energy at home. According to Feng Shui, mirrors reflect energy. Therefore, you should not place mirrors in areas with negative energy.

Instead, place mirrors in areas where you want to increase positive energy like your living room or next to your bathroom door.

Get Positive Energy Flowing Around Your Home

Feng Shui is vital in bringing good fortunes, happiness, and wellness to your home. Whether you have a home or are building a home in Dayton, Miami Valley, Bellbrook, Centerville, or surrounding areas in Ohio, the above Feng Shui tips can help you get positive energy moving through your home.

At Oberer Homes, we love bringing positive energy to homes. If you’re looking to design and build a home, you can always count on us.

Get in touch with us today via 937-531-5505, and let us help you get the home of your dreams.

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