Autumn Home Decor Ideas

Feel that? It’s a sudden overnight drop in temperature.

Smell that? It’s refreshing crisp, cool air.

See that? It’s the leaves taking on beautiful new hues.

If you’re like us at Oberer Homes, all of your senses are excited that fall is finally here. As we’re spending more time at home than ever before, we think it’s essential to make the most out of your space. To spark inspiration, we’ve put together these autumn home decor ideas that will all but ensure a cozy, comfy, and festive fall.

Fall-ifying Your Yard

Want to draw attention to your exterior by making it as autumnal as possible? Here are some fantastic fall decorating elements that you can make all your own!

Pumpkins, Obviously

There’s no such thing as going overboard with pumpkins. Line your lawn with them, put a pair on each stair leading up to your porch, and have fun crafting your unique, fun display. Coming in a myriad of shapes and sizes, each pumpkin offers its own personality and a blank canvas to work with.

Plus, you don’t have to carve to get creative — paint, glitter, and other accessories can create just as dazzling of an effect as a jack o’ lantern without all the mess and fuss.

A DIY Wreath

Putting a wreath to your front door gives you and your guests a warm welcome whenever outside your property. Also, you don’t have to go standard if you don’t want to; a DIY wreath is an easy and enjoyable way to get into the spirit of the season while getting crafty.

Embrace Whimsey With a Scarecrow

Add character to your outside area (literally) by going all out and putting up some scarecrows! It’ll showcase charm in your yard and tell a passerby that you mean business this Halloween season. Want to make your own? All you’ll need is some basic tools, straws, and some old clothes, and you’ll be good to go!

Fall-ifying Your Interior

Let’s move on to the part of your home you’ll spend the most time in as it gets cooler out — your inside living spaces. Whether you’re planning on entertaining this autumn or keeping it close-knit with your family, here are a couple of different approaches you can take with your indoor aesthetic.

Making Your Indoor Space Spooky Yet Sophisticated

For many, autumn isn’t just about apple cider and scarves; it’s about getting some scares in! For all the Halloween lovers out there, there are an array of ways to pay tribute to the spooky season without getting too tacky.

  • Spiderwebs create a surprisingly stylish touch for your dining room table. You can keep it simple or go all out by adding spiders and other terrifying table settings, too.
  • Floating candles are chillingly cool! These mysterious special candles offer an illuminating way to impress your guests.
  • Skulls are a sacred symbol of the Halloween season that can be chic. If inclined, it’s a good idea to invest in some-skull themed decorations, such as this candelabra and this terrarium, that you can look forward to displaying every year!

Giving Your Indoor Space a Festive, Natural Look

Are you someone who adores autumn but isn’t as into the Halloween vibe? Below are some subtle and charming ideas to feel the fall energy surrounding you.

  • Fall Foliage Arrangements beautifully bring the vibrancy of the outdoors to the indoors. Lush flowers and leaves will make your indoor spaces appear refined, fresh, and colorful.
  • Gourds are gorgeous and can pretty much go anywhere. We suggest placing a bundle of unique gourds of different shapes and sizes in a classic wicker basket. This display can work on any surface.
  • A green apple centerpiece will bring a crisp color pop to your eating area. Doing-it-yourself doesn’t take too long either. Often when it comes to fall decorating, people focus on pumpkins — apples, however, are an equal representation of the season.

Wishing You & Your Family a Safe & Cozy Autumn

Over 70 Autumns have passed since we at Oberer Homes in Miamisburg, OH, began bringing customized visions of homes to life. Call 937-531-5505 and let us know how we can help your family get into your brand new home this fall.  Happy Halloween and happy pumpkin spice season! Now …. let’s start decorating!


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