10 Cool Features to Consider on Your New Custom Home


Building a new home is an exciting time, filled with lots of decisions about how to customize it to suit your needs. A custom home build can bring your personality and taste into focus with some luxury features that make it shine. If you are thinking about building a custom home, consider these features as part of your design.



Everyone loves to step into a kitchen that is organized and spacious. A well-equipped kitchen features an expansive island, seating, commercial-grade appliances, and multiple outlets. You will want to have enough outlets in your kitchen to run your favorite appliances and devices. The kitchen is the center of your family’s day-to-day living, so make it a customized space that becomes a second home within your home.


Bedroom Suite

Nothing says going to the spa-like coming home to your own little retreat space at the end of each day. Aside from the kitchen, the master bedroom is the second most used space in most homes. These are also key selling points for potential buyers in the future. Many luxury homeowners are looking for freestanding tubs with no platform or steps (like a soaking tub) while including a standalone custom shower. A spa suite is a place of solitude that evokes memories of going to the spa, with some special, customized features to make it just right for you and your family. 


Closet Space

Many people don’t think about closets as being luxurious, but with customized homes, you get to decide. This is the space where you prepare for the day, you prepare to play, or you get to put on something nice for date night. A master closet is designed to keep your day organized for you so you can get ready in a peaceful space. 


Laundry Space

Whether your family is big or small, one of the spaces that get used a lot is the laundry room. Also now called a mudroom, this is the area where things can get messy pretty quickly. This means space should be customized to organize clutter and chaos, while also being easy to clean. You need a place to bathe and care for pets, hang coats, and put backpacks for kids, this is the place to create the organization you need to stay clutter-free. 


Home Office

Work environments are evolving and growing. Some work is done remotely from home for many people nowadays. Commuting to work is not always efficient. It helps to have an office equipped to handle life’s challenges. The home office is more than a lavish home study. It is one you can customize to be the way you want it, from a dual entertainment/office space to a retreat den away from the noise of a busy life.



A growing trend in luxury home design is a wine room or space. To design this just right, it means doing research about how to keep wine at the right temperature and how to build a space that will keep everything organized. 


Outdoor Space

No home would be completely customized without thinking about the outdoor spaces. Depending on the weather, it is always nice to have a place to grill, entertain, and relax outside. A nice patio, heated space for cold areas or one with a nice view is great. Pools and water features, along with fireplaces are all wonderful customizations to include in your new home.


Media Room

Nothing says relaxation like coming home to your own mini-entertainment complex. Do it in style with a media-infused space that has television, gaming space, and areas to entertain guests. Throw in some nice furniture to add a personal touch.


Living Space

The living room or great room is one that people have been customizing more lately. The open floor plan is big because it allows for a greater flow of living space. This makes it functional and versatile. Think about this room and how it will function when planning out this customized space.



Wherever you build, be sure to look at the location. Figure out the desired neighborhood, esthetic, and space you want so you can have a nice view, good neighbors, and a quality of life you desire. 


At Oberer Homes, we are here to customize and design the home of your dreams. Wherever you are in the process, we can help you create the home you have always wanted. Give our experts a call if you are ready to discuss the next step: 937-531-5505.


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