Buying a Villa in Ohio? Psst — Here’s 5 Secrets

If you’re researching potential new homes to buy, you’ve probably heard about villa-style living.

These homes are growing in popularity thanks to their convenient design features, private outdoor spaces, and quality surrounding communities. They’ve proven to be a great choice for every kind of family and age group — single professionals, families with young children, and retirees entering their golden years.

In this article, we’ll cover exactly what defines a home as a villa and 5 things to consider if you’re thinking about buying a villa in the near future.

Quick Takeaways

  • Villas are defined as one-story, single-family homes with private outdoor space.
  • While villas have been historically associated with luxury living, today they’re available in communities across the US at affordable prices.
  • Outdoor living space is one of the most popular benefits of villa-style living.
  • Many villas are built in communities that feature shared amenities like pools, parks, and fitness centers.

What defines a home as a villa?

The word “villa” dates back to the Roman empire, when it referred to extravagant homes of affluent citizens. Today, the term still has a somewhat upper-class connotation — it suggests lots of space and luxurious home features.

While this may be true to some extent, villas are no longer exclusive to the richest members in society. In fact, you’ll find villas in many suburban communities right here in Dayton (and elsewhere across the US). Today, a villa is generally defined as a one-story, single-family home with private outdoor space.

This type of home is growing in popularity as homebuyers look for more overall living space and seek homes where they can successfully age in place as they grow older.

In the next section, we’ll walk through some important must-knows for any homebuyer thinking about a villa-style home for their family.

Here’s What to Know when Buying a VIlla

They don’t have to be expensive

While villas have been historically known for luxury living, they’re now a common style of home in suburbs across the country. The idea that villas are unaffordable for most homebuyers is an outdated myth. In fact, the average cost to build or buy a one-story villa is $156K. That price will rise with features like more outdoor space, special building materials, and other customizations. Still, it’s a starting price that’s quite attainable for most buyers.

As with any home, you’ll need to look for a villa in a community and with features that fit your personal budget, but if you’re ready to buy a home in general, a villa is an option for you.

You won’t miss your second floor

Single-story living is all the rage — and with the convenience it offers, it’s no wonder why! Single story homes offer space-saving floor plans (you’ll get more actual living space per square foot), the convenience of no stairs between common living spaces and your bedrooms and bathrooms, lower maintenance, and universal design options for easier accessibility and aging in place.

Many assume they’ll miss the separation of two-story homes, but we promise you won’t miss the extra traveling up and down stairs. Single-story living makes it easier to navigate your home at every stage of life.

Outdoor space is living space

Today, outdoor areas are considered an extension of indoor living space. From comfy furniture to fireplaces to kitchen appliances to TVs and more, homeowners are now making their private outdoor areas places where they spend a good portion of their time at home.

A huge benefit of villa-style living is that you’re guaranteed private outdoor space to make your own. Most villas will have designated space you can design too (ex: paved and/or covered patios in addition to a regular yard). Once this kind of space, you won’t know what you did without it!

Luxury is different for everyone

A “luxury” villa means something different for everyone — and luxury doesn’t mean a villa has to be out of your budget. For some people, luxury is all about indoor features like high-end fixtures, countertops, flooring, and the like. For others, it’s all about getting the most outdoor square footage possible. Still others might prioritize features like a covered patio or a pool.

The point: Luxury means something different for everyone, and you can find a villa that fits your budget, your preferences, and your idea of uber-comfortable living.

In fact, many villas are now built in custom or semi-custom home communities where buyers can take part in designing a villa that exactly meets their vision for a new home. Communities like these often have luxuries that you may not be able to afford for your own home but can access as a shared amenity (think private parks, pools and spas, golf courses, gyms, and more).

Your community matters

Even if you absolutely love a villa, you should always take time to check out its community before you take the leap to buy. Your community determines so much about your quality of life — and it’s not just about getting along with the neighbors (although that’s a big part of it).

Think about things like: HOA fees, home design limitations (i.e. exterior paint colors, landscaping, etc.), access rules for community amenities, and the overall culture. Whether it’s a private community or a regular neighborhood, you want to live in a place that makes you feel welcome and fits with your desired lifestyle.

Over to You

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