7 Simple Ideas to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

Did you know the average home contains more than 300,000 possessions? It’s no wonder so many of us feel like we can’t get our homes organized or find the storage space we need.

In this article, we’ll cover 7 simple ideas you can use to increase storage around your home and that you can easily implement right away, including:

  • How to make the most out of closets and cabinets
  • Why you need to organize basements, attics, and sheds
  • Ways to add storage without losing space
  • Tips to for staying organized and intentional at home

Quick Takeaways

  • Clutter makes it difficult to increase storage space and can have more serious impacts, like causing stress or even poor mental health.
  • Closet and cabinet organizers help make the most out of existing storage areas.
  • Multipurpose furniture is a great way to add storage without losing space in common living areas.
  • You can create more storage space in attics, basements, sheds, and designated “junk” areas by organizing them intentionally.
  • In some cases, off-site storage is the best solution for items not being currently used.

7 Simple Ideas to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

Declutter your home

Excess clutter in your home can cause more than just storage problems — it creates stress. The New York Times even reported it can have a negative impact on overall mental well-being. Further, a survey of American homeowners found that clutter bothers them more than any other type of mess.

Clutter annoys homeowners more than any other type of mess.


When you start your storage overhaul initiative with decluttering, you put yourself in a better position to achieve success. You’ll have less to actually store, and you’ll know the things you’re organizing are things you actually want and/or need.

Over time, you’ll continue to reap the benefits — it’s widely estimated that decluttering reduces time spent on housework by about 40 percent!

Use closet and cabinet organizers

If you need more storage space — especially in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms — don’t settle for the built-in options contained in your closets and cabinets.

Organizers like the one pictured below can dramatically increase your ability to utilize vertical space in your storage areas and help you get more intentional about where and how you store particular items.

Closet organizer that increases ability to use vertical space to store items.

Buy multipurpose furniture

There are more options than ever today for furniture that does double duty by providing both comfort and storage. Pieces like beds with built-in drawers underneath and ottomans that open at the top are great ways to increase storage without having to add more items to your rooms (like baskets, shelving, or cabinets).

Organize the attic, basement, or shed

Sometimes the areas in our home that are actually meant for storage are the ones that end up limiting our storage options. That’s because they become catch-all spaces for things like unused furniture, decorations, sentimental possessions, and any number of other miscellaneous items.

There are two key steps you can take to organize these spaces for better usability. First, don’t forget them when it comes time to declutter. Even if it feels overwhelming at first, take time to go through the items stores in these areas and eliminate any you no longer use or need.

Second, maximize the storage space potential. Attics, basements, and sheds often start out empty. Think about adding shelving, using bins, or considering other storage units to make them more organized.

Use vertical shelving

We talked about vertical shelving in cabinets and closets, but it can also be utilized in open spaces and in other creative ways, like on the backs of doors. Vertical shelving in general allows you to store more items without eliminating space you actually use at eye level and below.

Vertical shelving attachment creates more usable storage space in a home pantry.

Give every space a purpose and every item a home

We’ve all had those dreaded “junk” areas in our home — the random drawer in the kitchen, the closet you never open, or something similar. While it may feel like those spaces are storing a lot of items, what they really do is take the intention out of your home storage.

Rather than keeping them around, work to give every possession an actual home where it always belongs. Be diligent about putting items back in those designated places.

If you find yourself unable to categorize and store all the items in your “junk” spaces, revert back to decluttering and consider if there are items you may not really need.

Consider off-site storage

Sometimes storing certain items that we don’t need right now is unavoidable. If they’re having an impeding effect on your home organization, living space, or stress level, you can always consider off-site home storage. It does require a financial investment, but for many it’s a better alternative than hanging onto things that aren’t serving an active purpose in the home.

The Bottom Line

Increasing the storage space in your home does not have to mean adding expensive furniture or storage units around the house. With a commitment to decluttering unused items, getting creative about how you organize spaces, and being more intentional about where things belong, you can add much-needed storage that transforms the look and feel of your home.

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