How Woodwork Adds Warmth to Your Home

You can experience the comfort of staying in a cabin even if you’re in the suburbs. When you incorporate woodwork in your home, you’re giving it a warm and cozy feel, just like a cabin. But the warmth that wood exudes is not only a figure of speech.

Wood has a hollow space within, so it can also act as a natural insulator. It may seem solid, but it’s a highly porous material that prevents heat from transferring from one side to the other. Log cabins are popular in cold regions because they keep the heat trapped inside during winter and prevent it from entering in the summertime.

Fortunately, you don’t have to build a home using logs to warm up your place. Simply adding wood elements and design can still turn a cold room into a comfy one.

Different Ways of Adding Woodworking in Home Elements

Depending on the type of wood, it can have beautiful grain patterns, gorgeous textures, or distinctive brown colors that work well with any interior design project. Aside from its stunning look, woodworking pieces can add character to any living space.

While different types of wood have varying quality, strength, and look, they all make a room cozy and comfortable. Some of the modern wood trends in home decorating are:

  • Wooden floors
  • Wooden walls and ceilings
  • Furniture such as kitchen cabinets

A wooden design, regardless if installed inside or outside a home, can add value to your property. In a recent study by the National Association of REALTORS®, adding a wood deck ranks as number 5 on a list of projects that is likely to add value when reselling a home. Wood elements inside a home, such as simple barn doors to divide spaces between walk-in closets and bedrooms, can also increase home value.

Here are some fantastic methods you can use to include wooden elements in your home remodeling project:

1. Create a Stunning Wooden Wall Effect

Instead of wallpaper, you can outfit your wall with wood instead. You can unleash your creativity by using wood pieces with different shades. If you want to take the design further, create a herringbone effect by crisscrossing them.

However, covering the entire wall with a crisscrossed pattern may end up being too overwhelming. To break the effect, use a white baseboard.

Traditional wainscoting never goes out of style and works well with a variety of décor themes. If you want to add a lovely custom touch to your walls, you can choose from several wainscoting forms such as:

  • Tongue and groove
  • Raised panel
  • Board and batten

2. Set the Room’s Tone with Wooden Beams

Beautiful living room with wooden wood beams on ceiling

While wooden beams can make a room grand, it isn’t optimal and therefore not recommended for those with ceilings less than eight feet high. Installing wooden beams on low ceiling rooms can make it feel out of place and oppressive.

However, if you have a large room with a high ceiling and good lighting, vaulted beams can help level it so that the space feels cozy and comfortable. Exposed beams add character and create a rustic effect, especially if you use natural wood material.

Aside from the dramatic effect that a vaulted ceiling exudes, it also adds warmth and coziness, mimicking the effect of a relaxing log cabin interior.

3. Accentuate Architectural Details with Wood Framing

Do you want to warm up a finished basement? Aside from avoiding the use of bright white light – which can make any space feel cold – you can incorporate woodwork design to add color and warmth.

You can highlight a wide entry between rooms with wood beams instead of standard molding. Even load-bearing components in your home, such as columns and lintels, can have a warm accent by covering them with gorgeous wood cladding.

Using woodwork is an effective way to delineate any awkward and boring architectural features. Even homes that have step-downs would look better if you add wood detail on the transition.

4. Jazz Up Your Kitchen with Woodworks

Stunning kitchen with wooden elements

Stainless steel and natural stone materials usually dominate most kitchen styles, from a stainless range hood and oven to a granite countertop. You can balance out your kitchen’s aesthetics by adding wood elements such as stained wood cabinetry.

Wood panels around an island countertop create the necessary contrast as well. For a unique approach, you can clad your range hood with reclaimed lumber. This unexpected décor can make your kitchen more inviting and appealing.

5. Install Wooden Floors that Adds Warmth and More

Compared to a carpet, wooden flooring can help maintain heat longer because of its higher thermal mass. It makes the room more comfortable, keeping it warm late at night and cozy during the day. The temperature in the room can stay consistent, which saves energy.

While traditional wood planks offer a natural beauty on their own, you can go creative and use a different pattern. A herringbone pattern, for example, creates impressive hallways. In the kitchen, this wooden floor design can break the monotonous effect of tiles. If you’re planning to go with this type of design, though, it’s always best to have a professional do it for you so that it is fully sealed.

Other benefits of installing a wooden floor include:

  • Boosts home value: Installing wood flooring can increase your home value by as much as 2.5%, with a return on investment (ROI) of 70% to 80%. Most home buyers are willing to pay a reasonable price for a house with wooden flooring.
  • Styles have a large variety: The flexibility of wooden floor designs can vary greatly. You can choose from different types of wood, such as cherry, oak, and walnut. Using a variety of stains and colors can help you further in creating a unique look.
  • Easy to maintain: You can vacuum, sweep, or mop wooden floors to keep them clean. In case of spillage, you can use a clean cloth to dry it.

Make Your Home Remodeling a Success with Woodworks

Wood adds instant warmth to any room, turning a dull and boring space into a classy and captivating one. Incorporating woodwork in your home remodeling makes it both cozy and warm in both the literal and figurative sense.

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