Luxury Living 101: 7 Must-Haves for a Modern Home Bar

Home entertainment is becoming more popular – especially since pandemic safety measures were put in place – resulting in the increasing demand for at-home bars.

Rather than going out, people are choosing to invite friends and family into their homes to enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere (with a lower price tag). The modern home bar creates a welcoming entertainment space within the home while simultaneously adding a level of luxury and relaxation to everyday living.

7 Things You Need for Creating Your Own Modern Home Bar

A home bar serves as the center of your luxury entertaining space. When you choose to put a home bar in your custom home design, there are several staple things you will need to include:

1. Functional & Stylish Storage

The first thing any modern home bar needs is a place to store your beverages and drinkware so that they are easily accessible for any social occasion.

Cupboard space is of utmost importance for holding your bar stock, but your home bar does not need to take up a ton of floor space to give you enough storage space. Think about installing under-the-counter cupboards and using vertical storage, such as shelves or wall cupboards.

Including cold storage, such as a wine cooler or a mini-fridge, will save you the trip to and from the kitchen for ice or refrigerated drinks.

2. Something to Drink

No bar is complete without spirits. If you want to become a bartender before your next social gathering, you will want to stock up your bar with some staple drinks for mixing (or for serving straight). Your bar should have a variety of options for all of your guests. Think about gathering some basic alcoholic beverages such as wine or beer, and picking up some liquor like vodka, rum, or gin.

You might also want to have a selection of juices and sodas for mixing. These are great options to have on hand for including non-drinkers in the celebrations as well.

3. Glasses and Stemware

Keep a selection of drinking glasses on hand to make serving your guests more convenient.

You may want to select durable drinkware if your bar is in a recreational space, or if you plan to have guests moving around with drinks in hand. If you are looking to recreate a more authentic bar experience, opt for more chic stemware.

4. Cocktail-making Equipment

No bar is complete without cocktails. That means that your bar needs to be fully-equipped with all of the tools of the bartending trade. Your modern home bar will require:

  • Shaker
  • Bar spoon
  • Juicer
  • Strainer
  • Jigger
  • Muddler
  • Ice molds

If you are unfamiliar with the art of mixing cocktails, you may also want to purchase an instructional book to teach you some skills and recipes.

5. Durable Countertop

If your home bar is going to serve as the hub of activity for gatherings, then it is safe to assume that it will get used a lot. Therefore, you will want to pick a durable material for your countertop.

A good wood or stone will protect against stray elbows and the occasional dropped glass. It will also make cleaning up spills a lot easier. There are many attractive and durable countertop options meaning you do not have to sacrifice looks for functionality.

6. Seating

Make your guests feel welcome with comfortable seating that complements your modern bar design. Include some sleek bar stools, give your space a pop of color, or place your home bar in proximity to a larger seating area such as a lounge or living room.  To make your home bar more inviting, add a small table with some armchairs or benches. This allows your guests to sit and socialize while they sip their drinks.

7. Plumbing

Plumbing is not a necessity for modern home bars, but this feature can enhance your luxury living and entertaining experience.

Including a tap and drain makes cleanup a lot more convenient, especially if your home bar is far from the kitchen. You might also consider adding features like taps for serving beer or a drainage area for mixing cocktails.

Upgrade Your Custom Home with a Modern Home Bar

A modern home bar is the perfect custom feature to take your home to the next level. Whether you want to host events in your own home, or you are looking to add some luxury to your lifestyle, a home bar could be just what you need.

Oberer Homes, in Dayton, Ohio, will help you build the home that is right for you, starting with your at-home bar. Contact us to learn how we can help you customize your home.

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