Staycation Season: How to Make At-Home Memories Amid a Pandemic

Tropical cocktails and ocean waves… Starry skies and crackling campfires… Experiencing out of the ordinary excitement…

Your original vacation plans may have been derailed, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the adventure and relaxation you crave! You have a desirable destination to create memories — your own home. We live in historically unprecedented times; we all deserve to take a break to let our stress wash away at least for a little while.

So, Oberer Homes is declaring it’s staycation season! Take a week off of work and check out our itinerary for 7-days-of-fun for you and your family.

Day 1 : Spa Day

A perfect way to ring in your restorative week, starting with a spa day will immediately put you into vacation mode. Slip into a robe, lay cucumbers over your eyelids, and bask in the serenity. Surprisingly inexpensive, an at-home day of pampering done right will leave you feeling as if you visited a world-class spa.

Day 2 : Living Room Film Festival

Thankfully, we currently have more entertainment options than ever before. While we may not be able to travel to faraway islands or see spectacular cityscapes, we can escape our reality and experience them through the art of cinema—which can be the next best thing. You can binge-watch new releasesclassics, or create your own unique film festival tailored to you and fellow audience members.

When it gets dark, you can move the viewing to your outdoor space by making your own outdoor movie theater.

Day 3: Backyard Beach Trip

Bring all the beach essentials to your own backyard and enjoy your private paradise. Blast the volume on some ocean sounds and make yourself a tropical cocktail. If you have kids (or are feeling young at heart), you can build some sandcastles  — which isn’t as messy or pricey as you might think! Remember to soak in the sun responsibly by applying sunscreen.

Day 4 : Arts, Crafts, & Home Improvement

Okay, we get it, home improvement projects aren’t necessarily everyone’s passion like it is ours. But hear us out — improving your home doesn’t have to be considered work— it can be a fulfilling creative outlet! DIY projects are a great way to unite members of your household for a common purpose. You could also use this day to bring new character to your space by picking out a paint color  that sparks joy and creates a nice accent wall.

So, develop your green thumb, embrace your inner carpenter, or get those paint cans and start your project!

Day 5 : Go Camping (or Glamping!)

The best campground in the United States can be your own lawn. You can choose to totally rough it by sleeping out under the stars without cover. Or, if you’ve maximized your home’s outdoor space you can take advantage of your home’s luxuries (like comfy seating options and electricity) and glamp.

No matter how you choose to camp, two things are an absolute MUST: a campfire and ‘smores! Backyard camping is an excellent reminder of what’s most important in your life — the people you’re camping with.

Day 6 : Family Scavenger Hunts

Endlessly exciting for kids and relaxing for parents (because you can sit back while your kiddos hectically search), a scavenger hunt is an activity the entire family can get behind! There are a variety of ways you can keep the adventure safe and meet the needs of your household.

Day 7 : Party Time

Well, this has been an amazing week of at-home fun, huh? What better way to wrap it up than raising the roof! Step one: pick a theme. Step two: fully tackle it!

Pro-tip: make some non-alcoholic drinks so the under-21’s can feel like they’re a part of the party.

We hope you enjoyed your stay!

A staycation doesn’t mean losing the exciting experiences you seek; it means reimagining and reframing them. While we are staying at home more than ever, Oberer Homes in OH is here to ensure you and your family are getting the most out of your home/vacation destination. Call us at 937-531-5505 today!

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