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The 5 Best Kitchen Paint Colors for 2022

Thinking about upgrading your kitchen with a fresh coach of paint? While most people get expressive about paint in other rooms (like bedrooms and living rooms), many consider their kitchen to be a more neutral space.

But that just doesn’t have to be the case! No matter what your kitchen design style, you can use a new paint color to give it its own personality and make it a favorite spot in your home.

Let’s check out some of the best kitchen paint colors trending right now.

Quick Takeaways

  • Blue and green hues bring earthy and natural design trends to life.
  • Yellow and black are two bolder but popular choices for kitchen paint colors.
  • Clean neutrals work for people who want more flexible design options.
  • Kitchen paint doesn’t have to go on the walls — painted cabinets, backsplashes, tables, and chairs can all transform a room.

5 of the Best Kitchen Paint Colors Trending in 2022

Earthy blues

Blue works with earthy designs and adds a calm, relaxing vibe to the kitchen.

Image Source

Homeowners are embracing earthy design concepts and textures, like grainy wood and stone. Blue is one of the most relaxing hues you can choose, and it works perfectly alongside this kind of design.

Bolder than neutrals (like white, gray, or tan) but still quite traditional, blue is a great option for homeowners who want to make their kitchen colors a little more interesting without going overboard. Duller and dark blues are especially popular right now.

Natural greens

Green paint colors like sage give kitchens a natural feel.

Image Source: Oberer Home Designs

Bringing greenery and other natural elements in doors is one of the year’s hottest design trends. What better place to embrace it than the kitchen, where so many of nature’s elements are part of the meals we cook?

Like the blue shades already mentioned, natural greens work well with many of the wood and stone finishes popular today. Sage is proving to be the most popular shade of all, creating an almost sanctuary-like vibe in the kitchen.

Sunny yellows

Soft yellow paint gives a kitchen a warm, welcoming feel.

Image Source

Yellow is a statement color, and it may not be for everyone. But in the kitchen — when done right — it can really work. Yellow in the kitchen is happy and cheerful. For many of us who start our day there or often have guests over for meals, yellow can create just the right welcoming feeling.

Softer or pastel yellows can especially strike the right balance, giving off warmth without feeling too bold or bright.

Bold blacks

Black cabinets give a bold pop of color in the kitchen.

Image Source

Black in the kitchen?! An even bigger statement than yellow, that’s for sure. While you may not want to paint your entire kitchen black (although it can work), black adds a statement in certain parts of the room. Black cabinets, an accent wall, or black-painted floors can give a bold pop to a room that is otherwise neutral.

Clean neutrals

Neutral kitchen with pops of color added by floral arrangements.

Image Source: Oberer Home Design

Speaking of neutrals, they’re not out of style! In fact, with natural textures so popular today, neutrals can be the perfect complement to let them stand out. Neutrals don’t have to be boring, either. They’re the perfect foundation for a room with design emphasized in other ways.

If you change your mind often, or you like to have the option to switch up decor by season, neutrals are the perfect choice for your kitchen. You can add color in plenty of other places — window treatments, floral arrangements, table settings and more.

Kitchen Paint Colors Aren’t Limited to Walls

Giving your walls a fresh coat will definitely make a statement in your kitchen — but it’s not the only option. Here are some other ways paint can transform your space:

Kitchen Cabinets

Bottom cabinets in kitchen painted with sage green color.

Image Source

In many kitchens, cabinets are the most prominent feature of all, and painting your cabinets can transform the room even more than painting the walls.

It’s also, however, a bit more permanent. Cabinets often have to be disassembled in order to be painted, and they may require special priming and finishing depending on their material. While it can technically be a DIY job, we recommend hiring a professional.

If you’re nervous about taking the leap or planning your cabinet repainting yourself, look for inspiration online. You’ll find tons of great design ideas to help you choose a paint color that complements your other kitchen features (counters, floors, backsplash, etc.) and makes you more confident in your decision.


Repainting a tile backsplash is a great way to use paint to refresh your kitchen and a more affordable alternative to replacing the backsplash altogether. It’s also much more DIY-friendly. If you’ve got an outdated backsplash dragging your new kitchen design down, paint it to make it look modern and new.

Here’s a guide from Ace Hardware on how to do it:

Table and chairs

Kitchen chairs painted a light blue color.

Image Source

Painting your kitchen table and/or chairs is a less permanent but still impactful way to add color to your kitchen. If you love refurbishing furniture, this is the perfect project to take on! Most of the time, it only takes sanding, painting, and a clear finish.

The Takeaway

New paint is one of the simplest — but most impactful — ways to give your kitchen a new look. Whether you’re looking for the perfect neutral to highlight other design factors in your kitchen, or you want paint to be the focal point, trending shades in 2022 can get it done. Further, the kitchen provides many opportunities that other rooms don’t for paint to transform the room in different ways, like your cabinets, backsplash, or tables and chairs.

There’s one thing that’s undeniable: kitchens do not have to be boring spaces. Bold statement colors and more traditional shades alike can both turn your kitchen into a well-designed space where everyone wants to hang out in your home.

If you’re thinking about moving to Dayton, Oberer Homes can help you find (or build!) a home you’ll love. Contact us today to learn more!

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