What Can a Million Dollars Buy You in the Dayton Area?

One million dollars is three times the sale price of the median U.S. home. If you’re on the housing market with a seven-figure budget, you’re looking at homes that are out of the realm of possibility for most homebuyers.

Even so, you want to be sure you’re getting the most for your investment, and million-dollar homes look different depending on their location.

The good news is that a million dollars goes far in Dayton; homes listed at or around this price offer features and amenities much more expensive in coastal cities and other more expensive areas of the country.

So where do you find the million-dollar home you’re looking for in Dayton? And what exactly are they like?

Let’s find out.

Quick Takeaways

  • A million-dollar budget will get buyers a single home on a private plot of land.
  • Suburbs like Oakwood and Centerville feature upscale homes in top suburban school districts with close proximity to the city.
  • With one million dollars, homebuyers in the Dayton area can expect homes with premium building materials and high-end home amenities.
  • High-end homes in the Dayton area are located in walkable, picturesque neighborhoods with active community groups.
  • A million dollars isn’t required for top-quality, customized homes; Oberer Homes helps clients build dream homes that are uniquely theirs.

Private Land


A million-dollar budget in the Dayton area will get you a single home on its own private plot of land in an upscale Dayton suburb like Oakwood, Centerville, or Beavercreek. Homes in the seven-figure range in the Dayton area typically offer high-end privacy features like driveways, homes set back from the road, landscaping, and fences.

This list of the 10 most expensive homes in Montgomery County exemplifies the high-value buyers and residents place on privacy; you’ll see iron fences, long driveways, and lots of greenery around homes.

Expensive home with iron gate in Washington Township, Ohio

Great Neighborhoods

Buyers looking for luxury living seek out neighborhoods that offer the same high quality as their homes. Expensive homes in Dayton are located in picturesque suburban neighborhoods that have active community groups, high safety ratings, and detailed touches.

Expect to see tree-lined streets and charming downtown shopping centers with boutiques and restaurants. Upscale Dayton suburbs offer plenty of outdoor green space, too, in the form of walking trails, parks, and playgrounds.

Shops of Oakwood, OH

High-end neighborhoods near Dayton typically have active municipalities and community groups that keep up with neighborhood aesthetics, address community concerns, and keep neighbors in the community connected.

Top School Districts

The suburbs of Dayton boast some of the top school districts in the state of Ohio. Niche ranked Oakwood and Centerville the top 2 school districts in the greater Dayton area. Both are right outside the city, meaning professionals with young families don’t have to compromise proximity to the city to live in their preferred school districts.

Centerville High School

Home Amenities

Any million-dollar home will offer high-end amenities, but your money will go far in the Dayton area. You can expect luxuries like swimming pools, multiple fireplaces, bonus rooms, and more.

This home in Troy, about 25 minutes from downtown Dayton, was recently listed for $1.2 million dollars and featured four fireplaces, an inground pool, a wine cellar, an inground pool, and an in-home movie theater.

Troy, OH house with swimming pool sold for $1.2 million

In Oakwood, this home listed at $1.195 million dollars sits on a 21,000-acre lot and includes large closets, a home gym, and two home offices.

Million dollar Oakwood home

Community Amenities

Million-dollar homes in the Dayton area are located near community amenities that add to the living experience and connect residents to their neighbors despite more home privacy and spread-out homes.

Residents in the Dayton suburbs can enjoy luxury country clubs, golf courses, and state-of-the-art gym facilities. The Miami Valley Country ClubDayton Country Club, and Troy Country Club all offer pools, fitness centers, pools, and restaurants. Many country clubs in the Dayton area host high-end events and weddings.

Dayton Country Club

Premium Building Materials and Expensive Finishes

Expensive homes in Dayton will typically be made with premium building materials inside and out. Expect to see sturdy stone buildings in neighborhoods where homes each have their own unique facades.

Finishing touches on the inside and out will be prevalent even in older homes. Detailed landscaping, modern updates like granite or marble in kitchens and bathrooms, stainless steel appliances, big windows, and smart home features — these are just some of the attributes buyers of expensive homes in the Dayton area will enjoy.

Finding Your Dream Home

A million dollars is nice to have when you’re looking for a new home, but it’s not a requirement for finding your dream home in the Dayton area.

Finding a great house that falls within your budget can be done by prioritizing the features you want most, looking in locations that offer a high quality of living, and working with realtors and developers to find a home you love.

Oberer Homes can help you find or build a home with customized features that make it uniquely yours. To learn more, contact us today!

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