2021 Painting Trends Ohio

With the beginning of a new year, we can usher in fresh energies, opportunities, and colors. As we leave 2020 behind, Oberer Homes explores 2021 painting trends, palettes, and design ideas that are sure to bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

Embrace Nature With an Earthy Aesthetic

Want to give your indoor space the feel of the great outdoors? That’s not a bad idea — we’ve had a stir-crazy year, and with winter approaching, many of us are craving wide-open spaces now more than ever. Certain shades (like deep greens, dark greys, and rich browns, which are reminiscent of moss, stone, and bark) invoke nature. When deciding how to compliment the color, think rustic. Striking antique wooden pieces of furniture helps develop the elevated cottagecore vibe.

How you’ll feel: cozy & calm. Explore earth-themed palette ideas.

Go Waterfront With a Coastal Aesthetic

Soft shades representing the sea, such as Aegean teal (named color of the year are trendier now than ever. These colors display a casual, coastal look that’s refined in nature. You can bring the same sense of peace a waterfront provides by way of interior design. Create your own paradise by experimenting with nautical blues, pristine whites, and glistening greens — this will help give the impression that you’re living on a far-away shoreline.

How you’ll feel: tranquil & joyful.  Explore coastal-themed palette ideas.

Add Sparkle with a Jewel-Toned Aesthetic

If you’ve been especially bored with the look of your home, jewel tones can reinvigorate your space with beaming radiance. Amethyst purple, citrine yellow, ruby red, sapphire blue, and ruby red — these colors are crystal clear and will make your living area more visually stimulating and soothing. When working with this palette, you can make a statement and go glamorous with decorations, or tone it down and embrace simplicity with textural elements.

How you’ll feel: regal & peaceful. Explore jewel-themed palette ideas.

Tone It Down with a Clean Neutral Aesthetic

Sometimes when your space needs a change, the best color to go with is no color. A neutral palette provides clean surroundings and a classic appearance. When painting your walls a shade of ivory, grey, or beige, you can add splashes of color through the art of decorating.

How you’ll feel: sophisticated & serene. Explore neutral palette ideas.

Go Optimistic with a Bright, Happy Aesthetic

Do the colder weather and time-zone shift have you feeling down? Look on the bright side: vibrant hues are in. And, while they don’t give your brain vitamin D, they do liven up the pace. Offering warmth and fun flair, you have the opportunity to showcase bold, saturated colors that pop or play with muted shades of exciting colors. Consider a subtle, sunny yellow — it’ll boost your spirits and offer the chance to work with unique patterns.

How you’ll feel: content & energetic. Explore sun-themed palette ideas.

New Shades for a New Year

2021 is on the horizon, and with that comes possibilities to makeover the space where you spend the majority of your time. Whether you want to totally reinvent your home or are interested in making improvements to boost its value, the options are endless!

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