How Creativity and Color Influence Kids’ Room Decor

Every parent wishes to give their child the best. That is why most parents, when designing a child’s room, often focus on creating a stunning, functional space, which will suit their kid’s taste over the years.

There’s usually a lot of creativity and color that goes into the process. Here is how creativity and color influence kids’ room décor, and why you should let a child decorate their room.

Creativity and Color: Why they’re Crucial Elements to a Child’s Room Design

How do creativity and color influence kids’ room design? Well, the color and décor choices in a child’s room directly influence their personality. The design and color of a room can inspire, heal, soothe, or even irritate. As explained below, colors have a significant impact on a child’s psychology.


Red is generally an energizing and exciting color. But at the same time, it can evoke anger and hostility. Using too much of it in a child’s room can negatively impact them. It would be best used as an accent color instead of the main color.


Yellow is linked to happiness, cheerfulness, motivation, and better memory. However, in large doses, it can agitate a child.


Blue is relaxing, soothing, and improves productivity. It is an excellent color for children with behavioral problems.

What does this have to do with creativity and color in kid’s room décor? Since these two elements have a direct impact on how the child feels, parents usually have to be creative with kids’ room décor to avoid overwhelming their child.

In order to make sure your child enjoys their room, it is essential to achieve a balance between different colors and decor.

Kids are Imaginative

Kids live in a world where seeing is believing. They are wildly imaginative, and even a small thing tends to take their minds into overdrive.

For instance, when a child likes a particular cartoon character, they may make them their imaginary friend and start telling you how the character visits them every day.  This is why most parents allow their child’s favorite color, cartoon, and movie characters to take over their bedroom décor.

Why You Should Involve Your Kids in Decorating their Room

Most parents don’t allow their kids to contribute to their room’s design and décor because they feel like it may be too much of a responsibility. However, allowing kids to decorate their rooms has immense benefits.

1. Allows the Parent to Know the Child Better

Everything a child does is directly related to how they feel or what they are currently going through in life. For instance, if you allow your five-year-old to contribute to their room design, and they choose posters of their favorite superhero, that is quite normal.

However, if the same child chooses adult-themed or age-inappropriate pictures, then something is not right, and you need to find out what it is.

In a nutshell, allowing your child to have a say in their room’s décor gives you a chance to understand them and know what is happening in their life. This is particularly beneficial since not every child is vocal enough to speak out when something is not right.

2. Helps Your Child Know they Matter

Most people, when growing up, never got the chance to express their opinions. Decisions were made for them because parents think they might be too young to make wise choices. Unfortunately, this approach can have a negative impact, keeping kids from making decisions for themselves later in life.

Also, they may end up being rebellious because they don’t like the decisions made for them. When you allow your kids to decorate their room or discuss room design with them, it imparts a sense of belonging. It lets them know their decisions matter, helping them grow into better adults.

3. Helps them Develop Personal Style

Allowing a child to choose their room décor gives them control over their space. It allows them to select what they like and develop their style. That color they love and that creative shelf they chose set the basis of their style when they grow up and is also a way for them to express themselves.

Choose Kid’s Room Décor with the Experts

The décor in your child’s room influences them more than you can imagine. This is why you must choose it carefully.

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