6 Amazing Ways to Make Your Home Stand out on Your Street

How many memories have been made in your current house? Impossible to count, right?

You started your career here. The kids played here, learned here, grew up here.

Even with all its memories, it’s time to leave. You have been here long enough. Maybe the kids are gone, you’re an empty nester, and you need something smaller. You’re ready to sell your home and move. Or maybe you’re upping your status on the block. No matter what stage of the step-up process you’re in, looking good on the street is important.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 94 percent of realtors suggest increasing curb appeal before listing their home for sale. About 97 percent believe curb appeal is important to potential buyers. Why? Houses with high curb appeal sell for 7 percent more.

And people form first impressions in only a tenth of a second.

The first thing a buyer sees isn’t the interior of your house. It’s the exterior. In this post, we cover six ways to make your home stand out so it sells faster.

6 Ways to Make Your Home Stand Out

Before doing anything to your house, you must “break up” with it. Having made your footprint here, you’ve customized your house to make it a home. Buyers don’t want someone else’s home. They want to make their own space. To make a sale, you must be willing to change the colors, decorations, landscaping, and more. Staying emotionally attached also makes the process longer and harder.

Look at other houses on your street. If you live in a neighborhood, who gets awards for the best lawn? Who has the nicest looking house? Use what they’ve done for your own home.

Curb appeal refers to the visual appeal of a house – what people see from the street. To increase curb appeal, start from a distance and gradually move in. These six tips will show you how.

Do Some Landscaping

From the street, many people will notice the landscaping first. If you don’t have any plants in your yard, get some. Pleasant colors and welcoming tones create an aesthetic environment. To tidy existing landscapes, trim hedges, prune trees, and weed flower beds. You might consider putting flower boxes in the windows for a welcoming tone. Finally, spruce up the lawn. Keep everything mowed and trimmed. Fill in bare patches with new grass. Combined with neatly trimmed trees and beautiful flowers, a well-manicured lawn can significantly increase curb appeal.

Get a New Paint Job

A house’s exterior can make or break a buyer’s first impression. Chipping or peeling paint can turn off a buyer instantly. Even if your house’s paint isn’t old, a fresh coat can work wonders. Repaint the front door as well – the entryway should be attractive to buyers.

Consider trending colors as well. You might like your house’s original color, but a severely outdated paint job turns off buyers. Be prepared to alter the siding, trim, and door colors to make the sale. Repainting your house may cost money and time, but your sale price will be much higher.

Repair What’s Broken

Selling a house is like meeting someone new. You wouldn’t dress sloppily or leave your hair unbrushed. In the same way, you shouldn’t sell a broken house. Fix anything in disrepair. Repair broken roof tiles or re-roof the house entirely. Clean and replace patio pavers. Repave a cracked driveway. Power wash your deck and replace bowed, fractured, or untreated boards. Ensure that everything is functional, including doorknobs, locks, and anything else that might cause embarrassment on viewing day. Unless you’re selling a fixer-upper, a whole house sells better than a broken one.

Invest in Outdoor Décor

Top off the exterior with outdoor decorations. Attractive outdoor furniture might seem unnecessary, but it creates a welcoming atmosphere. Consider purchasing patio tables, chairs, and benches. If you already have a patio or deck, upgrade your furniture. Decorations and lights will add charm to the picture and ensure that a buyer makes it past the yard and to the front door.

Design A Welcoming Entry

Once a buyer is hooked by your house’s beautiful landscape, the next step is getting them inside. A welcoming entry will make them want to see more. Start with a mailbox upgrade, since the mailbox is one of the first things they will see as they enter the driveway. Pave the way to a freshly painted door with a stone walkway. For added warmth, hang a wreath on the door. Add low-voltage lighting, and you will set the mood for an evening open house that buyers cannot resist.

Take High-Quality Photos

High-quality pictures make a difference on a listing. Not convinced? Check out these statistics. Adding pictures helps your home sell 32 percent faster. The National Association of Realtors says that of the 90 percent of home buyers who shop online, 85 percent rely on photos to decide on a house. When your house’s renovations are finished, take the time to capture it on camera. You might even consider taking videos to immerse buyers in your hard work. The result will be well worth the effort.

Make Your New Home Stand Out

Now that you know six ways to make your home stand out, practice them. Put effort into landscaping and repairs, invest in outdoor décor and a new paint job, and prepare buyers with a welcoming entry. Finally, photograph it all to help buyers choose your house. Just remember that details matter – even street numbers. Buyers will notice the details and be more likely to offer a down payment. Once you have successfully sold your house, apply these six tips to your new home as well. You’ll win “Lawn of the Year” in no time.

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