Tips for Romantic Home Designs for Couples

Designing your own home is an exciting process. You get to customize your space with paint colors, design elements, furniture, and more.

If you’re moving into a home with your significant other, the two of you will have to compromise when blending your styles. There are home designs for couples that you can execute when planning and decorating your custom home together.

Create your very own getaway, right at home.

4 Tips for Romantic Home Design for Couples

Figuring out the best way to meld your two styles is important when designing your space with your significant other. Your home should reflect both of your styles.

Whether you’re building a custom home from the ground up or renovating one that’s already built, you can create an oasis that the both of you will enjoy if you follow these tips.

1. Custom Designs 

If you are building a custom home, you and your significant other will get to create a home that completely reflects both of you, inside and out.

These are some design layouts that work well with couples, creating an intimate space:

  • 1.5 story homes: If you don’t need a lot of space, a 1.5 story home is a great option. The top floor usually has half of the amount of space that the bottom floor has, which is perfect for couples that don’t need a lot of bedrooms. You can use different architectural styles with this layout, such as cottage, bungalow, or cape cod.
  • Tiny homes: No matter the size of your lot, a tiny home will let you downgrade your possessions and give you more space for living outdoors. Just because something is tiny doesn’t mean it’s completely microscopic. You can have a tiny home designed with a loft bedroom and an extra room downstairs that converts into a workspace for either of you.
  • Smaller square footage: If you’re looking for a home big enough to fit only two people (plus the occasional guest), a three-bedroom floor plan around 1,500 square feet would work perfectly. It gives you enough space to create your master bedroom sanctuary while having space for visitors. You and your significant other also have spare rooms for a workspace or office.

Once you’ve figured out the style of home you want, implementing your décor into your space is the next step to creating a home you will both love.

2. Combine Your Color Palettes and Patterns

You may be drawn to one side of the color wheel and your significant other could like the complete opposite – that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for the colors to work together. If one person likes green hues and the other is more drawn to red, select one color to be the main accent and use the other in accessories.

If it’s difficult to decide which color should be the focus or if you don’t think both your colors will work together, stick to neutral tones. You can then pepper in each of your favorite colors with pillows, wall art, and other items.

Masculine fabrics like tweed work well with different types of patterns. Use bolder patterns, like floral or geometric, for wallpapers on an accent wall. Add in accents that have a more masculine vibe on pillows and other furnishings, such as a couch or side chair.

3. Create a Romantic Retreat

Especially if you have children, your master bedroom is your getaway spot in the entire house. This area should convey who you are as a couple and incorporate different elements that reflect both your styles. It’s your very own retreat to unwind and relax. Best of all, you don’t have to make a reservation to get there.

Here are some design ideas you can recreate in your bedroom:

  • Dreamy getaway: Nothing is more inviting than a cozy bedroom. Use neutral tones on your walls and bedding, adding in pops of color with art and nightstands. Put a handwoven blanket at the end of your bed to add to the ambiance. A simple house plant next to your window will make you feel like you’re at a spa.
  • Farmhouse design: Incorporating the modern farmhouse and traditional design is a great way to combine masculine and feminine elements. Use pieces of rustic barn wood as a custom headboard, painting it any color or leaving it natural. Tuck in some reading chairs into the corner of your room, giving you both a private place to hang out. Simple prints and textures will give this space an elegant vibe without going over the top.

Your bedroom should have spaces for both of you. There should be enough storage and closet space to house everyone’s belongings. Having everything tucked away will have your bedroom feeling serene and peaceful.

Choose pieces of artwork that are meaningful to both of you. Hang photos from your wedding, of your children, or places you have traveled as a couple. These pieces of art will remind you of the good times you have spent together.

4. Add in Personal Touches

Your home shouldn’t lean more toward one person’s style over the other. It should be the perfect blend of both people. That’s where compromising comes into play. You will each need to be flexible to each other’s needs and wants.

For example, if you want a bright floral wallpaper in a room, compromise and choose a print that’s more toned down and neutral. If you’re able to have your own private office or workspace, you can save your bold choices for spaces that are completely yours.

Find out what your design styles are and draw similarities between the two. Pulling out elements that fall into both categories is a great way to find things that you both will be drawn to.

Design Your Romantic Getaway

Having the freedom to design your home the way you choose will ensure it’s exactly the way you want it. Oberer Homes can work with you and your significant other to bring your visions to life, perfectly melding together your styles.

If you’re located in the Bellbrook, Centerville, or Dayton, Ohio areas, we can help you.

Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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