7 Things to Do (and See) Right Away in Dayton

Are you relocating or looking for a new hot travel location? Whether you’re moving or visiting Dayton, OH for a new job, a fresh start, or a cultural experience, uprooting your life can be an overwhelming process.

Why did you decide Dayton is the right location for you? How do you normally get a feel for a place beyond tourist locations? What information do you need to get started?

Immersing yourself in the community is the best way to become familiar with a new city. After all, feeling a sense of “community” makes people feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves — whether that stems from neighbors, the local church, sports group, or more.

To help you get started in finding your community in Dayton, let’s discover popular must-see spots that you need to visit right away to get a feel for the city.

What is Dayton Known For?

Located in the Miami Valley region and 54 miles northeast of Cincinnati, Dayton is known as “The Gem City” for its continuous efforts to keep the city updated and beautiful. Full of rich American history, Dayton has the country’s oldest college, the world’s first speeding ticket, and had the first soapbox derby. The city is the heart of a metropolitan area with a diverse urban complex and fertile agricultural region — making it ideal for several industries ranging from farming, manufacturing, and technology.

7 Things to Do in Dayton Today to Enjoy the City

So, what should you add to your Dayton bucket list? If you’re moving or visiting Dayton, be sure to check out the following destinations to get a feel for the city’s community and culture:

1. National Museum of the US Air Force

The National Museum of the US Air Force is the world’s oldest and largest military aviation museum — displaying over 460 aerospace vehicles and missiles. The exhibits have several one-of-the-kind historical items that bring history to life and connect the Wright brother’s flight legacy. Popular exhibits include:

  • World War II Gallery
  • Korean War Gallery
  • Cold War Gallery
  • Space Gallery
  • Presidential Gallery

2. America’ Packard Museum

Interested in the auto industry? America’s Packard Museum, also known as The Citizens Motorcar Company, displays the only restored Packard dealership. Featuring over 50 automobiles in the showroom, the museum also displays artifacts from the original company and provides insight into the auto era from 1903-1856.

3. Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

If you have children, the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery is a great location to experience unique learning opportunities with natural history, nature, and science exhibits. Designed for all ages to enjoy, the exhibits provide engaging materials for visitors to embrace their inner zoologist, archaeologist, and inner scientist.

4. Dayton Art Institute

For the art enthusiast, the Dayton Art Institute contains over 27,000 objects that span more than 5,000 years of worldwide history. The museum also offers revolving special exhibits, events, and programs for those who are interested in expanding their artistic perspectives. The main exhibit wings include:

  • European Art
  • American Art
  • Asian Art
  • African Art
  • Oceanic Art
  • Art of Ancient America
  • Native American Art
  • Outdoor Sculpture

5. 2nd Street Market

Looking to get a feel for what Dayton small businesses offer? The 2nd Street Market is a must-see market that provides local artisans year-round. At the market, you can enjoy vendors for the following categories:

  • Local producers and growers
  • Specialty bakers and foods
  • Prepared foods
  • Handcrafted goods and general merchandise

2nd Street Market also provides drive-thru pick up during the COVID pandemic.

6. Warped Wing Brewery

With over 20 different beer styles, the Warped Wing Brewery offers a full-production brewery in downtown Dayton. The business also brews, kegs, cans, bottles, and distributes award-winning beverages for other local retailers in various Ohio markets. You can expect the following specialties when you visit the brewery:

  • Lager series
  • Barrel-aged beers
  • House-made sodas
  • Specialty beer cocktails

7. Dayton Dragons Minor League Baseball

Nothing says summertime like a baseball game! Affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds, the Dayton Dragons light up the ballpark with entertainment and different promotions for everyone in the family to enjoy. You will also relish a variety of concessions and beverages while enjoying the game.

Enjoy Your Community and Discover Things to Do in Dayton

The word “community” has a different definition for everyone. Whether you’re moving to Dayton or looking for a new location to explore, the city has a little bit of everything for the whole family to find a community connection. Regardless of your interests, Dayton offers history, culture, foods, and more to enjoy during your time experiencing the city.

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