5 Top Elementary Schools in Bellbrook and Centerville, Dayton, OH

The right elementary school for your child can make a huge difference throughout their academic career. Elementary schools may offer different curriculums, programs, and even learning techniques that will all affect how your child succeeds in their future. While there are plenty of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to make such a monumental decision.

In addition to your local and neighborhood school options, your child also has access to public, magnet, charter, and private school options that often provide special education services. In fact, there are over 50.7 million students enrolled in public schools and 5.7 million in private schools. Overall, you’ll want to select a school that amplifies a student’s talents and focuses on their needs.

If you’re moving to Dayton, OH or surrounding areas, it’s crucial to consider which school district your child will be enrolled in. Let’s dive into a few top elementary schools in the Bellbrook and Centerville districts to get started.

How to Choose the Right Elementary School in Dayton

Once you know the options in your district, you’ll want to determine which school offers your child the best overall environment. While each school may have its own advantages and challenges, it’s recommended to consider the following elements to ensure you make the best choice for your child’s future:

  • Find the right fit: What do you want your child to learn and socialize? Are there specific extracurricular activities or learning styles you want them involved in?
  • Look at test scores: It’s projected that by 2027 there will only be a 15.2 pupil-teacher ratio. You’ll want to look at the school’s overall rating to understand how the school performs academically.
  • Visit the campus: It’s smart to tour the grounds, meet the faculty, and ask plenty of questions to get a better feel of the learning environment.
  • Select a focus: Is there a particular subject, like foreign language or sciences, you’d like to be part of the core curriculum?
  • Get referrals: Nothing beats a personal recommendation, so ask your neighbors or local friends about their child’s school.

Top Elementary Schools in Bellbrook

As a suburb of Dayton, Bellbrook offers a more rural community with premium academic options. Within the city, there are plenty of restaurants, parks, and activities for family members of all ages to enjoy. The most popular elementary schools include:

Bell Creek Intermediate School

Bell Creek Intermediate School is part of the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek local school district and is the number one rated school in Greene County. With 608 elementary students from first to sixth grade, 90% of students are proficient in math and 85% in reading according to test scores.

Stephen Bell Elementary School

Within the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek local school district, Stephen Bell Elementary has 567 students in kindergarten to fourth grade. The 21 student-teacher ratio provides pupils with individual attention, which ranks it 54th out of 841 Ohio schools.

Top Elementary Schools in Centerville

Centerville is a booming and exciting Dayton suburb that has a population of 23,847 people. The heart of Centerville contains several restaurants, boutiques, and even a local theatre for families to enjoy. If you’re moving to Centerville, the top elementary schools include:

Stingley Elementary School

Stingley Elementary School is rated above average compared to the quality of other schools in Ohio and only has 290 students in grades second through fifth. According to test scores, students rank 75% proficient in math and 81% in reading. The school also places well in diversity and sets character expectations (showing respect, outstanding citizens, always problem-solving, and responsible students), which contributes to long-term growth.

Five Points Elementary

As a highly rated elementary school, Five Points Elementary has 1,020 students in grades second to fifth and has a 21 student-teacher ratio. Overall ranking as the eighth-best school in the Dayton area, 91% of students test proficient in math and 88% in reading. Beyond standard education, Five Points uses advanced technology and offers physical education, art, STEM, and music programs.

Dr. John Hole Elementary School

Dr. John Hole Elementary School is rated the fifth-best elementary school in the Dayton area, serving 373 students in grades second to fifth. While students are 84% proficient in math and 78% in reading, the school offers a parent-teacher organization and an integrated arts program that aids academic success.

Discover Elite Elementary Schools in Dayton

If you’re moving to Dayton, choosing a school district is an essential decision that will affect your child’s education. Whether you live in Bellbrook or Centerville, elementary schools in Dayton provide your child with challenging curriculums and social interactions that will help them succeed in the future.

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