How to Choose the Best Front Door Color

What kind of impression does your front door make?

The color of your front door may not seem all that important, but it can make or break people’s first impression when they approach your house or see it from the street.

If you’re brainstorming ways to give your home’s exterior a fresh and updated look, repainting your front door can improve your curbside appeal and turn heads in all the right ways.

Let’s explore how to choose the best front door color and take this simple home improvement project to the next level.

Complement the Style of Your Home

Not sure how to choose a front door color? Pull colors from your home’s siding, roof, and shutters, and choose a color that complements these colors and the overall style of your home.

For a traditional colonial home, or one that is painted white, rich hues like navy blue, crimson red, or black will give your home’s exterior a level of grandeur.

If you live in a contemporary home made of brick, stone, stucco, or wood siding, stain your door or opt for rich colors like deep brown, dark grey, or charcoal. Be sure to finish off the project with new sleek hardware, too!

There’s no shortage of home styles out there with an endless palette of complementary colors. When in doubt, find inspiration from houses that are similar to yours and choose a color that suits the style and personality of YOUR home.

When Value Is Everything

If your goal is to improve the value of your home, here’s a little secret: Homeowners don’t have to shy away from using bold, statement-making colors. The truth is that, if chosen carefully, contrasting colors can make your home pop with elegance and curbside appeal.

Contrasting colors are powerful because they can attract people’s attention and subsequently spotlight the rest of your home.

Imagine a white house, for example, that has a front door colored eggplant, emerald green, or maroon. The front door would be the first thing people notice because the color stands out against the white. Your front door now has people’s attention, and now they’re looking at the windows, roof, and the exterior of the home as a whole.

This is the type of attention you want for your home, especially if you’re planning to sell.

Maybe you don’t want to make your home stand out from the street but wish to make it appear larger. With a light-colored door, you can make your home appear bigger than it really is. And if you’re really trying to increase the value of your home, go the extra mile by updating your landscaping and painting the exterior of your home, as well.

Find Inspiration from the Neighborhood

What are the colors of your neighbors’ houses and front doors? Is your neighborhood filled with tall trees, bushes, or gardens? What style are light posts or street signs? When you’re trying to choose the best front door color, sometimes you’ll want a color that reverberates the overall feel of your neighborhood.

You should also take the climate into consideration when choosing a front door color. If you own a home in Dayton, OH, for example, your neighborhood probably sees a lot of grey days for six months out of the year. Try choosing a rich color that will provide a much-needed touch of warmth in the wintertime.

Keep It Simple

You can never go wrong with choosing a neutral color for your home’s front door. Should you ever decide to repaint your home, a black or gray door can easily adapt to most exterior colors.

If your front door is made of wood, consider sanding it down and staining it instead of repainting it all together. It may be looking dull and outdated due to long-term exposure to the sun, but it’s nothing a quick stain job can’t handle!

Choose the Best Front Door Color for Your Home!

What color will you choose for your front door? It’s time to make strong lasting impressions on guests, neighbors, and passersby with a new and improved front door color.

For more ideas on how to turn heads and make your home the most beautiful on the block, stay tuned to our blog at Oberer Homes!

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