Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home

It sure has been a weird year. In 2020 fashion, the safety of annual traditions that bring families comfort and excitement, like trick-or-treating, is a concern for some this season. Just because things aren’t the norm doesn’t mean that we can’t still have a memorable and safe October 31st. We’re here to help ensure your holiday is a graveyard smash, whether you go out or stay in!

Frightening Film Festival

Since its beginning, cinema has been an outlet to explore what brings human beings fear. There are hundreds of films created specifically for a chilly October night. You can stay cozy indoors, but if conditions allow, we recommend setting up a projector, so it doesn’t feel like just another movie night.

Plus, this way, you can bust out lawn chairs and invite your friends over to take part in the outdoor socially distanced scares. From slasher flicks to family favorites, here’s a list of Halloween-musts to get you started!

Scavenger Hunt Style Trick or Treating

Think Easter egg hunting but with a Halloween twist. The CDC has deemed a household scavenger hunt to be the safest alternative to traditional trick-or-treating. There is an array of ways to amp up the experience for your kids. You can make it a timed race or, better yet, you could have them search in your DIY haunted house!

DIY Haunted House

Why not bring some haunt to your own home? Whether it’s a spare room, basement, or garage, it’s easy to temporarily transform a space to terrify and delight your family members and guests. From floating candles to mounted werewolf heads, to ghosts made of chicken wire, and much more, a DIY haunted house will elevate your Halloween experience.

Spend a Day Decorating

Hopefully, you decorated before All Hallows’ Eve, but it’s never too late! Take time to give your home a festive aesthetic. This will make it feel more like Halloween, even though some traditions may not take place this year. Get in the spirit by giving your home a spooky yet sophisticated makeover!

Ghost Stories Under the Stars

Camp for a night — this will really set the mood and the scene. Pick out some age-appropriate classic horror stories, take turns telling scary tales with the family, and make sure you have a flashlight ready to illuminate faces. When you hear a movement in the leaves, try not to get too afraid; there are no ghosts present, we promise…

Call On the Spirits

… Unless, of course, you summoned one! Dust off that old ouija board from your childhood and contact otherworldly spirits. This is an opportunity for some silly, nostalgic family fun. Obviously, there is no risk of actually contacting ghosts. If you have children that frighten easily, you can share how the tricky game operates and have a conversation about fiction and fun vs. fact. After the game, scare the spirits away with a dance party!

Bust Moves to Some Spooky Sounds

Nothing screams celebration quite like a good old-fashioned dance party. Blast a curated playlist and dance all night — or, at least until bedtime.

Host a Halloween Party Virtually

A lot of people love Halloween festivities because it’s a chance to get together with friends and party. Whether it’s kid-friendly or you’re cutting-loose with the adults, there are easy ways to party virtually this Halloween.

Go All Out With Costumes (Just Because)

Everyone — and, we mean everyone (kids, adults, teens, tweens, grandparents, pets) — loves playing dress-up on Halloween — you just don’t outgrow it. This year may be discouraging, but there’s no need to discard your amazing costume idea. If anything, a Halloween at-home allows for the opportunity to create a picture-perfect moment that can live in your scrapbook and social media forever.

Let’s Make This a Memorable Halloween!

The nature of our business at Oberer Homes is your at-home comfort and enjoyment. For now, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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