How to Make a Move-In Ready Home Just Right for Your Family

The term “move-in ready home” can have different meanings depending on a person’s expectations. Some consider a home move-in ready when it is habitable, while others use the term when no aesthetic changes are needed. Regardless of when a home is considered move-in ready, your family needs to feel comfortable there.

Here are some of the things that you can do to make sure your move-in ready home is just right for your family.

Secure the Home

A move-in ready house will already have the locks changed but that might not be enough. Even if you’re moving into a safe neighborhood, you might want some extra protection. Various home security systems provide cameras, outdoor lighting, and alarm systems to keep any potential intruders away.

Meeting your new neighbors is another good way of protecting your home. Friendly neighbors will alert you if someone is moving around your property and will keep an eye on your house while you’re away.

Make Your Move Official

The move into your new home won’t be official until your information has changed. You will need to update your new address at the post office, department of motor vehicles, and your financial institutions. If your children aren’t changing schools, you’ll need to update your information with the school so that they can take the right bus home.

There are also informal tasks you’ll want to complete, such as giving your new address to family and friends. Receiving mail and having your new address on your official documentation will make you feel more at home at your new residence.

Learn Your Way Around

It’s important to learn your way around when moving into a new home. You’ll need to locate certain items around the house, such as the main water shutoff valve, electrical panel, and heating and cooling units. Locating these items will assure that you can resolve any problems that might arise and keep your family comfortable.

There are also places you’ll need to locate outside of the home. Grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and emergency rooms are all places you might need at some point. Knowing how to get there from your residence will make your experience in the community much easier.

Clean the House

A move-in ready house might seem clean but dust can collect when no one is living there. Dirty spaces around the home can cause allergies for your family members, making the home uncomfortable. Wiping down all surfaces, cabinets, and drawers will ensure that dust particles don’t cause health problems for your family. Cleaning the house from top to bottom will ensure that your new home is comfortable and enjoyable.

If you’ve placed items in storage during your move, it’s a good idea to wipe them down as well. They’ve likely collected dust during storage, which can create allergy issues within the home.

Stock Your Home

Where you place certain items will determine how convenient and safe your home is for your family. Plates and silverware should be in a drawer or cabinet where the children can reach it. Placing your potentially dangerous items higher up will ensure the children can’t reach them. Safety and convenience should be the primary concern when deciding where to store different objects.

A move-in ready home might come with appliances but you might require certain maintenance tools. A lawnmower, garden hose, and snow shovel are all items you might need to purchase so you’re prepared should the need for them arise.

Find Reliable Professionals

Owning a house means being responsible for its upkeep. Quickly fixing a broken toilet or water heater will allow you to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to use them. You should find a quality handyman and plumber shortly after moving in. You’ll also need to find quality doctors, dentists, mechanics, and veterinarians in the area.

There are multiple ways to find reliable professionals in your area. Your new neighbors have likely found professionals that are reliable and can make recommendations. You can also search for reviews online to determine the quality of those being considered.

Prepare Your Move-In Ready Home

Some homes will need more work than others before they’re ready to move in. It can be as simple as painting the walls or as complex as adding an additional room. Even if your home is ready to move in immediately after closing, you’ll need to complete certain tasks. Securing the home, locating important places, and finding reliable professionals will ensure your family’s comfort.

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