The Top 5 Cities in the USA for Retirement (Hello, Dayton!)

Have you thought about where you want to spend your golden years?

About 60 percent of American pre-retirees want to retire in a different state or city. Whether retirement is around the corner or decades in the future, it helps to think ahead– especially if you’re planning to relocate.

Wherever you choose to buy a home for retirement, it’s best to keep in mind what’s non-negotiable for you and your loved ones.

What Should You Look For When Buying a Home for Retirement?

Here are four considerations for ranking top U.S. cities for retirement:

  • Cost of Living and Affordable Housing: You can prioritize places with a low cost of living for retirees, such as Laredo, Texas, but it shouldn’t be the main reason for relocation.
  • Communities and Recreational Activities: Do you enjoy the outdoors? Move to a city by a lake or a mountain.  If you love to socialize with peers, choose somewhere like Pearl City in Hawaii. More than 23 percent of the local population is over 65.
  • Quality of Life: Measuring quality of life involves many factors, from crime rate to public transport access and more.
  • Health Care Options: Quick and easy access to quality health care is a must. You don’t need to live in a metropolis to be near a 5-star hospital. Smaller cities like Rochester in Minnesota, home to the original Mayo Clinic campus, also provide great health care.

It helps to be clear about what you want, too. Are you an empty-nester wanting to downsize with a smaller, less expensive home? Maybe you’re an excited grandparent looking forward to maximizing outdoor spaces and hosting family gatherings.

Whatever the case may be, as a retiree, you will likely want a low maintenance home in a comfortable community.

What Are the Top 5 Cities for Retirement in the U.S.?

When you’re buying a home, rankings and statistics serve as guidelines to aid you in your decision-making process. They don’t paint the whole picture.

However, some places are well-rounded enough to count as top cities for retirement – no matter what you’re looking for in a neighborhood. Below are five excellent options.

1. Fort Myers, Florida

Between the pristine outdoors and tropical climate, there’s a lot to love about the Sunshine State. Should you buy a home for retirement here, you’ll also benefit from the lack of state income taxes.

Fort Myers is known for its beaches, fishing and boating tournaments, and robust shopping and dining areas. With less than 100,000 residents, the City of Palms is vibrant but not overcrowded.

2. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Also known as Beer City USA, Grand Rapids might not strike the typical retiree as an ideal place to live. With bustling nightlife, President Ford’s hometown is home to many millennials and large families.

However, the city’s breweries and thriving music and art scenes don’t overshadow the low cost of living – which is 12 percent below the national average. Grand Rapids also houses historic districts and botanical gardens that people of all ages will enjoy exploring.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a retirement hotspot due to its agreeable climate, beaches, and abundance of recreational activities. In addition to not taxing Social Security benefits, South Carolina also has below-average property tax rates.

The Holy City is also close to one of the best hospitals in the state – the Medical University of South Carolina – and home to historical sites, trails, and golf courses.

4. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

More than 20 percent of residents in Pennsylvania’s capital city are over the age of 60, which could be reason enough for retirees to consider Harrisburg for retirement. Grandkids will enjoy Hersheypark, which is only about 15 miles away.

You can also purchase locally grown and organic produce at Harrisburg’s historic Broad Street Market and also visit the beautiful Pennsylvania State Capitol building.

5. Dayton, Ohio

The Gem City offers changing seasons, museums, historical parks, and many recreational activities for everyone. Suburbs like Washington Township and Sugar Creek Township give you that small-town feeling without being completely rural. Does your household include grandchildren? Public schools in this area are highly rated, too.

Two of the best places to retire in Ohio are also suburban areas: Bellbrook and Centerville. Both have populations made up of mostly retirees and families. Both also boast of a median home value below the natural average.

Ready to Buy a Home for Retirement in a Great Neighborhood?

Oberer Homes is here to help – whether you’re searching for a move-in ready home for retirement or in the market for a custom-built dream house. Give us a call at 937-531-5505 to set up a consultation with a trusted and experienced member of our team.

Contact us with questions about our features, floor plans, and other services! Let’s work together to find your perfect home for retirement.

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