Un-Real Estate: 6 Stunning Homes That You’ll Want for Yourself Now

Choosing a home design is never easy – the profound options and possibilities can leave you dazed.

How big should the pool be, and where to build it? Will adding a loft make the house more spacious yet cozier? What about a vaulted ceiling to add extra room for ventilation? From colors to architectural style, the diversity of choices can be overwhelming.

Stunning home designs go beyond good architecture since it also has beneficial effects on different levels, including psychological and emotional. And the best and easiest way to choose an architectural design when custom building a home is by getting inspiration from existing houses.

Stunning Home Designs to Spark Your Creativity

When building a house, you need to pick a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is functional as well. Here are six different remarkable home designs that can help the sleeping creative genius in you:

1. Hillside Home with a Skyline View

Hillside House offering a breathtaking view

Aptly named Hillside, this house sits at the side of a hill with a splendid view of the serene reservoir on one side and the city on the other. With ample outdoor living spaces on various levels, it flaunts bold overhangs, huge glass walls, and floating roof planes lavished on each level. High-grade materials used in the house include steel columns, wood, and limestone.

The steep approach towards the house provides a dramatic entrance. It leads to a cascading waterfall that opens up to a courtyard with a magnificent view of the city.

The architects used an open floor plan, blurring out the boundaries of interior and exterior spaces. Partly covered outdoor terraces connect the living spaces, blending them seamlessly. Climbing Ficus trees offer privacy from neighboring properties – hiding the undulating infinity pool without obstructing the view.

2. 19th Century-Inspired Timber Frame House

The late 19th and early 20th-century design known as “half-timbered” is experiencing a revival these days. You can quickly tell a house with this design with its exposed wood framing on the exterior. For purposes that are both decorative and structural, most half-timbered homes have visible logs inside, as well.

In the past, houses like this were typical during Medieval times but soon lost their appeal. Sawing, fitting, and lifting heavy timbers took much effort back then. However, the development of light-frame construction makes building these houses more straightforward and faster.

If you are worried about the house’s structural integrity because of wooden framing, you can use steel frames instead. The exterior wooden look can serve as a mere design – a faux half-timbered.

3. Artery Residence for Art Lovers

Are you an art lover? Do you prefer contemporary house designs? You can draw inspiration from the Artery Residence, where the home itself is an art, as well as the rest of the interior.

The Artery Residence has three triple-height atriums referred to as “arteries.” When seen from the outside, the house is similar to a modern art gallery. Inside are large expanses of wall that the owners – a family of renowned art collectors – use to hang their curated collection.

The limestone-clad main level holds the living spaces, including the kitchen, dining room, living room, and home offices. Five cantilevered bedrooms are on the upper level, looking like cedar-wrapped boxes with large wood windows.

4. A Modern Desert House

A modern desert house that can withstand the harsh environments of the Mojave

Tresarca House is proof that you can build beautiful and functional houses even in barren lands such as the Mojave desert in Las Vegas. Inspired by the nearby Red Rock Canyon, the home serves as an oasis with its outer courts that provide ample shade.

When seen from the outside, Tresarca House looks like two rectangular volumes built on top of the other. The eye-catching and open, ventilated façade on the upper floor provides the house’s interior with passive cooling and protection from the sun, dust, and desert wind. The ground level, on the other hand, has no windows on the street side for privacy.

Minimal desert plants adorn the numerous courtyards around the house to mimic the outside environment. The infinity pool on the second level offers a panoramic view of the nearby rock mountains, completing the oasis ambiance. Special lighting illuminates the façade and walkway in the evenings, turning this modern desert house into a majestic showpiece.

5. Glass Home in the Foothills

The Farm at McCauley Butte is a unique glass home with an unrestricted view of the mountains and foothills. It has expansive architectural glass walls that let in lots of natural light. Architects took inspiration from the nearby river, making the structure’s contemporary design blend gracefully with the natural setting.

Native Montana fieldstone, old-growth maple flooring, and columns of Douglas fir adorn the home. The superior wood design of the house offers a rustic and warm atmosphere, whether indoors or outdoors.

6. Peconic House

Peconic House has a modern house design wedged between a beautiful waterfront and abundant trees on the hillock. The low-rise profile prevents the house from blocking the sun’s light that shines on the old-growth forest. This design aims to preserve the natural landscape where it sits, leaving as little imprint as possible.

The roof camouflages the surrounding foliage with planted meadow grasses on top. Materials used for the house include natural cedar, reclaimed ipe wood, and Corten steel. The wood element forms a natural palette that works well with the local vegetation and gentle coastline.

The house’s interior has the same unrefined wood as the exterior, evoking a modern cabin ambiance. There are minimal decorative accents inside the house that emphasize the beautiful outdoor surroundings. Furthermore, windows are large and let in natural light, which works well with the open concept design.

Build your Dream Home from these Inspirations

These extraordinary home designs integrate both form and function to create a comfortable place for its owners at an exorbitant cost to them. The great news is, you can take inspiration from these for free, allowing you to incorporate some of their design elements in your home building project. And with an excellent builder as your partner, you can achieve this level of creativity too.

Create a stunning home with Oberer Homes and turn your inspiration into a reality.

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