Consider Building a Wine Room in Your New Home

When people think about customizing their homes, they often think about how they will entertain their family, friends, and loved ones in the new space. They may also think about how they want to create a welcoming space for them and a relaxing one for themselves. A growing trend in new homes is to design and build a space dedicated to fine wines and spirits. Americans tend to drink a lot of wine. For enthusiasts, they desire a space to put their collection in the new home that functions but also has a nice aesthetic. Here are some things to think about when building a wine room.



Space is a primary objective in any home design. Location is a primary consideration. This is partnered with choosing a location that involves understanding the fundamentals of building a wine room. People want to design a space for wine with no direct sunlight so they can keep the wine at a constant temperature. The ideal temperature is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal humidity is about 57%. 


Use of Space

The utilization of space is key for a wine room. When people want to display their wine, it is often with aesthetics in mind. It should add to space, rather than take away from it. Using racks, storage, and display adds interesting elements to space. A wine room should be large enough to entertain in it if that’s the goal. If not, then it can be customized to just house the wine rather than gather people in that space. If the goal is to drive the conversation with people when they see it, then, by all means, create a space where people can have a conversation about it while they are there (and once they leave).



Size is a big consideration for storing wine. People can store as many as 250 bottles within 30 square feet of space. Some desire more space in their wine rooms. If a person plans to build a wine room for more than storage, they may require larger space.


Budget and Cost

The type of budget a person has to build and maintain the wine room is a huge part of the experience. Your choice of temperature and humidity controls whether you select certain elements like the type of rack, and lighting. You will want to do research ahead of time that allows room to decide on important elements of the wine room. 


Oberer Homes is a custom design home builder that seeks to meet your needs. If you want to put in a wine room, we help you design around what you want that suits your budget and design aesthetic. With the right space and customization, you can create the wine space you want without compromising the overall design and feel of the space in your new home.


Oberer Homes helps clients build all kinds of homes with elements like wine rooms and custom cabinets for wine. We help you build around what is important to you. Our experienced team is ready to help you create the home you have been dreaming up with professional courtesy. If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with a trusted member of our team, please feel free to give us a call at 937-531-5505.

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