How to Find Your Personal Home Style

Custom building your home creates the opportunity to allow your creativity and personality to shine through. However, with the amount of customizable features available with Oberer Homes, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices. How can you really determine your home style? There are a number of tools you can utilize to help express your home style to the Oberer Homes design team when custom building. Explore these tips on finding your preferred home style. 

Browse Magazines or Pinterest 

Set aside time to browse through your favorite home magazine to seek design inspiration, cutting out favorite rooms or styles that draw your attention. This can also be done on pinterest, saving your favorite room designs and organizing them through boards. Doing so will give the home design team and idea of your style, guiding you in the right direction of designing your dream home. 

Have Fun By Taking an Online Quiz

There are a number of online quizzes created to help find your decorating style. When researching quizzes, take various ones to see if the results are the same. If you find a pattern with your answers, you’re on the right track to discovering your preferred style!

Study Your Wardrobe

The way you dress can say a lot about your personality. Take a peak in your closet and look at your wardrobe. Do you notice repeating colors and textures? If so, are they bright or neutral? If you prefer warm and neutral tones in your wardrobe, consider using the same color palette in your home. However, if you notice bold patterns in your style, don’t be afraid to incorporate that into your new home!

Browse Exterior of Homes

Take a drive through neighborhoods and communities to get an idea of exterior features. Be sure to make note of designs that stand out to you. Are they traditional? Built with brick? Noticing these small details will make it easier to pick a floor plan and home model fit for your preference.

Go Through Current Decor

Before you begin packing your items, go through each room and take note of furniture, decor, and accessories that you love. Include a separate list with ones you wish to replace. Once you have created both lists, study them for an idea of what they have in common. If these items are outdated, perhaps you’re seeking a modern, fresh look. Not only will sorting through items prepare you for the move, but will also help you discover your home style. 


Discovering your own unique style to home furnishings and design is a delightful adventure and one that we’re happy to share with you as we work to bring your dream home to life.


If you'd like to contact us about any questions you may have about our services, floor plans, or would like to set up an appointment to meet with a trusted member of our team, please feel free to give us a call at 937-531-5505.  

We look forward to helping you take the next step toward home ownership!  

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